Travels with Fluff: Vacation Photos Starring a Tub of Fluff (Part I: Introduction)

Ah, September. The summer wanes, and so begins the long, slow journey into autumn. Berries give way to apples. Long days at the beach become walks in the woods, the paths strewn with red and yellow leaves. There is a bite in the air, the nip of frost, as we turn our focus back indoors, preparing for the winter.

And all across America, students are writing that dreaded essay, “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.” Can you just smell the sharpened pencils and lies?*

I am not a student, nor did I take a proper vacation this summer. Still, I guess that cyclical rhythm of the school year taps away in my brain (rather like water torture, just substitute taps for drips), for I feel compelled to write the essay anyway. Or, kind of. Mine gets to have pictures, and there’s not a blessed thing Mr. Ferguson can do about it. So, here is a multi-part photo essay of my travels. It stars a tub of Fluff.**

Introductions are in order. Meet Fluff.

This is Fluff at home, with friends Spamalot Spam and St. Francis of Assisi Hologram.

Fluff, however, doesn’t just sit around at home with congealed meat parts and flashing saints. No, Fluff gets around. Fluff travels with me on my vacations, and since I can be a bit camera shy, (insert favorite Fluff gender here) kindly agrees to pose in my tourist photos for me. In the next few installments, you will get to travel with Fluff to England, France (for a day, to get some wine), and Italy, as well as to several American locales. There will be quizzes and fun Fluff facts along the way. So pack your bags, and let’s be off!

*OK, I’m not that out of touch with things. I know that students use computers, but really. Does “Can you just smell the smell the keyboards and lies” sound as good to you?

**For the benefit of those of you who do not know, Fluff is a marshmallow concoction (I can’t determine whether it is a sauce or a spread, so “concoction” is going to have to do) found primarily on the East Coast of the United States. If you would like to know more about what Fluff is, read the quiz answers.

Top photo: Fluff against an Italian “Do Not Enter” sign, overlooking the wall in Orvieto, Italy.

4 responses to “Travels with Fluff: Vacation Photos Starring a Tub of Fluff (Part I: Introduction)

  1. Dude…can hardly wait! I am assuming this is similar to the garden gnome traveling the world kind of thing?

    Fluff with Francis! Now that’s pretty cool. Are these past vacations we will be seeing?

  2. Yes, Fluff shots do owe something to the gnome liberation front (and Amelie). Fluff’s been globetrotting with me for two years now, so there will be pictures from a few different trips.

    My sister found the Francis hologram in Italy and said that she knew it was for me. I’ve given it a prominent place.

  3. I know fluff! I think it counts as a spread. Sauce implies something more liquidy. How did you get Fluff on the plane? Does Fluff count as a liquid and therefore go in baggage or is Fluff a carry-on?

  4. I think you are right about the spread, Before Girl. I think you have to heat it before it gets saucy. I haven’t flown in the new world order where you can’t bring anything on the plane, but Fluff has been a faithful carry on (I have pictures of it in the airplane seat).

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