What the Fluff? Dispatch from Fluff Festival in Union Square, Somerville

What the Fluff T-shirt

Fluff went to the What the Fluff? Festival in Union Square, Somerville, this weekend. Here are some photos.

What the Fluff Festival

Fluff enjoying the festivities

Fluff Cooking Contest

Cooking Contest

Fluff with Fluff art

Fluff with Fluff Art

Fluff wants to win those!

Fluff Wants One of Those!

Fluff at the Statehouse

Fluff Doesn’t Like This Place
Legislation has been proposed to eradicate it from public schools. Obviously this is more important than dealing with the Big Dig, healthcare, and the cost of living in this state.

Fluff travels! Check out Travels with Fluff.
London and the Opal Coast of France (for one day, to get some wine)
New York City

6 responses to “What the Fluff? Dispatch from Fluff Festival in Union Square, Somerville

  1. AM* can’t eat Fluff anymore. The experience never lives up to FYOM** memories. So AM is grateful for Fluff travel and photography. For a few moments, little FYOM comes out and contentedly consumes Fluff-a-nutter. AM eyes stand in where AM’s internal systems have long since failed to metabolize Fluff fast enough for a sugar buzz. AM might call it “eye candy,” but that’s been done. Thank you, Fluff Photography.

    -AM, for FYOM too

    *Adult Me
    **Five-Year-Old Me

  2. AM also has to enjoy Fluff ala photography. FYOM convinced AM to order a Fluff-a-nutter sandwich a few years ago. AM nearly died of sugar shock.

  3. I LOVE Fluff!! although I don’t eat it much It’s great thown into some hot chocolate on a cold winter day and it’s made right in the great city of Lynn Ma


  4. Why thank you, Rich. More to come.

    —Sassy Sundry

  5. Oh my lord FLUFF!!! we bought a tub as a sick joke to our health freak nutritionist friend when we were on holiday, we decided in our immaturity to flick it out of the window at passersby, the fluff decided he liked the walls of the hotel better and we got a $100 cleaning bill. moral of the story is not only is fluff all sugary goodness, but also an all purpose adhesive :)

  6. Ooh. Yes, Fluff is one of those loyal things—it sticks with you (to you, to your things, etc.). Sorry about the hotel bill. Did you get any passersby?

    And, Rich, you are right. Fluff in hot chocolate is a beautiful thing.

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