Why Liberals Never Die

Garrison Keillor
You have to hand it to Garrison Keillor. He can find the bittersweet truth in just about anything.

In “Miracle Drug of Anger,” posted today on Salon.com, he rails against the Congress for dispensing with Habeas Corpus and against the Republican party for their hypocrisy in hiding the not-so-family values activities of Congressman Foley, the co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, to avoid embarrassment. It’s disgusting, and as Keillor says, it’s “time to clean some clocks.”

Taking conservatives to task, however, has benefits beyond doing one’s civic duty to keep us from slipping back into the dark ages. Keillor contends that doing so will also keep one young. Maybe my liberal zeal can explain my zit.

Jon Stewart
Last night Jon Stewart coined a new term to describe the Iraq war: Catastrofuck. I love Jon Stewart anyway (and am going to see him Friday night!), but last night the love grew just a bit deeper. Jon, may the Universe continue to smile upon you for you bring all of us such joy.


2 responses to “Why Liberals Never Die

  1. Did you happen to catch this “accident”? Watch for the name and party to appear.

  2. I didn’t, as I don’t normally get to watch the Daily Show (no cable), but I heard about it. The other thing that happened was that they said that Monica Lewinsky was 19. Wrong! Monica and I are the same age. I happened to have been 22 at the time.

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