The Friday Song and Other Nonsense

The Friday Song

It’s a gray day here in New England, the kind of day made for blankets, reading, movies, and hot chocolate. Alas, I’m here in the office, attempting to engage in productive labor. Not going so well, that, so I thought that I would teach you my “Friday Song.” I am going to sing the “Friday Song” despite the weather and my general state of mind. Please join me.

The “Friday Song” does not have a proper tune (I have many talents—singing is not one of them), but it is a catchy little sing-song-y ditty that goes like this:

To-day is Fri-day
I am so hap-py
It is the week-end
I get to go play

[Now you list your plans for the weekend. Here are mine:
I’m on the look-out
For sex-y shoes
I’ll spend the rest
The way I choose]

I hope you sing along!

Other Nonsense

On Spam
Like everyone else, I get tons of spam these days. I feel like writing these spammers and telling them that since I don’t have the body part they are offering to enhance that they could at least tempt me with something useful. Some spam, however, is memorable. I thought I’d share.

Best Subject Line Ever: Wary Knitting Needle
I picture the spammy message saying something like this: Slipping past the previous stitch, the needle paused. Just stop the clicking for a moment so I can think! What happens next? Knit? Purl? What to do, what to do, what to do? Think fast! The wary knitting needle sized up the next stitch. It could be the last.

Best Overall Messages: Stock tips from Jesus
I get a lot of these.

Strange News
Best Article Title I’ve Seen in Ages: Vicar’s Knicker Run Rescues Town
I picture this vicar rather like the vicar in the film version of A Room with a View. He has a knowing wink, and you know that he’s had a few pervy thoughts, but he’s still a loveable geezer, and he means well. And saying vicar and knicker together is just fun.


5 responses to “The Friday Song and Other Nonsense

  1. I thought I had posted my comment, twice now, but funky things are happening here.

    Anyway, I had written a non-rhyming verse to your Friday song about going to the lake house, watching movies, and drinking wine, which is how I’ll be spending my weekend.

    Good luck with your shoe searching.

  2. This song totally rocks.

    As does your Vicar story.
    I was feeling a bit bummed, but now I’m Mister Smiley.

  3. I’m so glad y’all liked my tune. The Friday Song makes me happy.

    Robyn, something was very rotten in the state of Blogger for me today. This post wound up on the site four times, and a couple of them were downright screwy. Oh well. Things seem fine now.

  4. My plans for the weekend… funny and very ironic, I had plans to look for some sexy shoes myself.

    Other than that… I have a coworker who wants me to take her to a greasy Diner here in Boston, you know the one’s that serve up corned beef hash and all the goodies that make your stomach sy “what are you thinking”

  5. Oh dear. My favorite breakfast spot in Boston is Charlie’s Diner (the one that was in the Zippy the Pinhead Cartoon). The Charlie’s on Newbury St., however, does put on a kickass brunch. Free mimosas if you order off the menu!

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