Blogger Be Damned

I have no idea what is causing the meltdown on my blog, but I am not pleased. Nope. Not pleased a bit. I thought switching over to beta would help, but I think it made matters worse. Sorry for the troubles.


6 responses to “Blogger Be Damned

  1. I remember when I first switched to beta, no one who wasn’t beta could comment without commented as anonymous or other. It took a while, but it worked out. Did you try blogger help and leave a help message?

  2. They don’t listen to me. I don’t even use nasty words when I talk to them. They just hate me. Waaaaah. Back to bread baking.

  3. Mmm. Fresh bread …

    At last, I can see your blog again again!
    If this comment appears, then things will have sorted themselves out.

    As for my photo disappearing, surely that can only be a good thing …

  4. Blogger just refuses to work sometimes but when I check beta thats ok. I got in touch with yahoo one time for a problem I was having, no one got back to me then they sent me a customer survey to see how good their help was, you get what you pay for.

  5. True, true. All appears to be back to normal. Happy times.

    Old Knudsen, I’d love to see your answers to the Fluff quiz.

  6. And the bread? Yummy.

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