Happy Halloween

Scary Fridge

I took this photograph while on a walk
in Meredith, New Hampshire, in 1995.
I didn’t look inside.

I have the stuff to make magnets out of it. One of these days, I’m going to sell them.


20 responses to “Happy Halloween

  1. Wow. On any other day, I see this picture and think “redneck” or “careless disposal.” But on Halloween, I think “creepy” and “Saw.” Context is everything, I guess.

    A magnet of this would be a big seller, I suspect.

  2. It’s been on my refrigerator forever, and it still creeps me out.

  3. I love it. You should have looked inside-pry it open with a stick so as to not get ooze on yourself. When I see those I try and tip them over, doorside down so at least no little kids can get inside.

  4. I found it in the woods—I wasn’t going near it. I didn’t want to know (and I was too scared to do the right thing).

  5. So, isn’t it a little weird that all the Brits are missing? I usually get 15 or so hits from the UK, and today, not a single one. Hmm, either I’m being boycotted, or there’s a complete power failure in the mother land.

  6. I was just thinking the same thing… Seriously. Maybe they’re working today?

  7. Well, I thought Dive might be working (imagine that), but would that account for so many absentees? Hmm.

    I noticed Old Knudson was up and running, though, although since people question his ligitimacy anyway (Of course, I’m not one to ever doubt an elder)…

  8. Shhhhh… He’ll hear you. :) He kills me.

  9. legitimate ? My parents were so married.

  10. Old Knudsen, I do not doubt your non-bastard status for a second.

  11. Old Knudson, not only are you legitimate, but you can spell much better than I can. That’s always a plus.

    Hey Sassy, I got a hit from the UK, besides Old K, so maybe the whole country is all working busily today. Weird.

  12. I’m actually rather surprised that knudson didn’t resent the the comment regarding his non-bastard status…

    or perhaps it IS all about the context after all.

    the magnets would be a very huge seller in the UK I think. just imagine all the stripey-tights girls dive could attract if he had spooky magnets to entice them with.

  13. I have a fridge like that in my garage. It’s full of beer and white wine. Just popped over to Robyn’s blog; she appears to have a head in hers!

  14. Welcome back, my English friend. I’ve seen many a fridge like that in my day. This is the only one I’ve ever seen in a small clearing in the woods.

  15. Woodland folk need beer, too.

    It’s either full of beer, or decomposing kiddie parts. I think it’s your duty to find out and tell us.
    Wear rubber gloves (for the gooey stuff, not because I’m kinky that way) …

  16. Alas, I found it eleven years ago. If it’s still there, I don’t want to face the ghost of kiddie decomposed.

  17. Rubber gloves?
    Stripey tights?

    This is turning into a “Dress Sassy” fantasy blog!

  18. Hee hee. Sometimes I’m glad that you are an ocean away…

  19. Ah, me …

    That’s the story of my life …

    Some girls put it slightly more forcefully, however.

  20. Hee hee.

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