Robyn gave us an assignment. I didn’t want to do it; I don’t like assignments. I haven’t done it exactly, but these are some photos that are home to me.


This is on the bridge on the way to my favorite beach.


Leaves turning—I used to climb this tree when I was little.
I couldn’t climb very high.

Early Winter

Winter came early one year.
I snapped this outside my current apartment.

Lifeguard chair

I occupied this chair for a summer.
I hated the job, but I love the way the sky looks against
the water and the trees.


White Mountains, New Hampshire.

Laundry in Boston

I snapped this photo in the North End of Boston one summer day when I was feeling sad.
It made me feel better.


3 responses to “Wonders

  1. Sassy, these pictures are great! I especially like the clothesline. That one would make me happy too.

    You remind me of a good friend I used to work with. She was your age, an editor, and a liberal :) She is still all of those things, but she moved to Colorado to work for another publisher. I miss her–and she just called today.

    Anyway, very nice job on the assignment! I’ll post mine tomorrow.

  2. Sassy, those are beautiful.
    What the hell am I doing in Old England when the New one looks like that?

  3. I’m glad you like them. They are some of my favorites. I have an 8 x 10 of the clothesline hangning up in my bathroom.

    I’m glad I remind you of a friend, Robyn.

    Dive, having been both places, I would take London over Boston any day of the week, but New England is one of the lovlier places on Earth. It’s why we stay even though the people are miserable. :)

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