Remember This? Throw the Neocon Bums OUT!

Remember this? Let’s not have it happen again, OK? OK.

The time has come. Throw the neocon bums out!

They’ve bungled the war they launched under cover of deception.
They’ve failed to bring to justice those responsible for September 11.
They’ve dispensed with the foundation of western democracy.
They’ve tortured in our name.
They’ve mortgaged our future to secure the support of the rich.
They’ve sacrificed the environment for industry profits.
They’ve spread hate, distrust, and fear.
They’ve shown no shame after being caught spying on us.

They’ve controlled this country long enough.

Tomorrow we have a responsibility to stand up for democracy. To stand up for freedom. To stand up to those arrogant bastards who have taken everything good this country has ever stood for and tossed it aside for power’s sake.

Vote them out!

Check out Dr. James for information on how to keep your vote secure.

13 responses to “Remember This? Throw the Neocon Bums OUT!

  1. My husband read a sci-fi short story years ago that predicted the United States all divided up like this. Only what we know as the “red” states were called “The Christian States of America.” I forget what the “blue” was called.

  2. I haven’t heard of that one, but I did read the Handmaid’s Tale. I also saw the Jesusland maps from the last election. I chose not to use it for this post because it isn’t just religious conservatives who are voting Republican. They deserve to be included.

  3. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

    Have a great day tomorrow, Sassy.

  4. It’s going to be tense tomorrow but fascinating. On my way home this afternoon, a group of people were standing by the road holding up signs supporting their favorite candidates. That almost never happens around here. I loved it. It made me proud to live in a country where that’s allowed no matter who you support.

  5. It is exciting. You live in an exciting place. I’d be interested to hear how things go at your polling place, as we keep hearing about Ohio in the news.

    Here it looks as though Deval Patrick will be our first African-American governor. I wish that this was an election that I could risk voting for the Green candidate, Grace Ross, because she makes a lot of sense, but it isn’t. John Tierney should be re-elected easily (I love him). And, I’ll be casting my first vote in a general election for Teddy Kennedy. Might not like the way he lives his personal life, but he’s not a bad guy to have in the Senate.

  6. atta girl. see you at the polls, love.

  7. See my up and coming post, ‘Ted Kennedy Political man-whore’ I have amended my Scottish post just for you, this doesn’t mean a date or anything so don’t be expecting flours ;)

  8. I just don’t get the sign holders that are out by the polling stations. Like anyone is going to be walking in to vote and suddenly say, “Oh wait, I change my mind, I’m going to vote for Candidate B instead of Candidate A, because there seems to be a lot of signage for B.”

    And I think one of these candidates should have in their platform to get rid of the stupid lawn signs people have by the end of voting day. They end up like Christmas lights-left up until July, rotting and forlorn.

  9. OK Yetta… I now must say a few words… You forgot to say “Dumbfuckistan” Except for Yetta 2… I thought we understood that I would not hold any animosity for your political beliefs nor you for mine… Not nice to name call!
    As for Ted.. that is the problem with “some” (see how I did that Yetta) Democrats.. they think that how you live your personal life has nothing to do with moral character and how you those beliefs or lack of, will be represented by you for the PEOPLE… I for one believe it is hand in hand…. at least for me…”I did not have sexual relations with that women”….well, except for the BJ’s….and the phone sex… and the… and the… and the….
    I wish there were one news orginization that reported ONLY FACT, with no spin for either side so Americans who really would like to make informed decisions could go and find the truth out about what is realy going on. When I read your Blog Yetta and Dives and James it does make me think, but I also wonder if you guys ever take the time to look into any other opinions or news sources other than the ones you listed on your blog. If we all don’t take the time to really research what is true or spin are we really any better than eachother? JMHO

  10. Agreed, they do look sad. We didn’t have anyone milling about our polling place, probably because they are all at work. I’m sick, so I went and voted with the elderly. It was great. I have a little sticker on my old lady hat that says I voted.

  11. There you are, Yetta. New Hampshire isn’t part of the DF-stan, so it wasn’t intended to include you. I meant no personal offense to you.

    As for the sexual pecadillos of some Democrats (and a few Republicans), I have this to say: I don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me what people do in their private lives, so long as it is legal, and so long as it doesn’t interfere with their ability to govern. Do you like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and all those other founding fellows? Guess what, they all had sexual affairs? They were also good leaders who contributed to the ideals of this country. So, no, I don’t care if Ted Kennedy is a bit of a scoundrel, and I don’t care that Bill Clinton got a blow job from a twenty-two-year-old woman.

    What I do care about is that George W. Bush has taken this country in a direction that frightens me. His policies affect my life directly, and who he sleeps with (or doesn’t sleep with) doesn’t. So that’s how I vote.

    You are free to vote however you wish, and I will still love you for being exactly who you are.

  12. Yetta,

    Yes I do read a number of other news sources (though note that I have none listed on my blog).

    Here are my collection of news gathering sources:

    PBS News Hour
    The Economist (conservative british news source)

    If it helps at all I’ve voted Republican before as well.


  13. Thanks, James.

    Yetta, I do look at all sorts of news sources on a regular basis. That I happen to agree with some more than others is a result of having weighed the evidence according to what makes sense to me. I do think it’s important to look at other view points, if for no other reason than to keep one’s own sharp.

    Glad to have another voice at the cyber table.

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