OK, my fellow Americans, today is the big day. Vote. Voting is what makes democracy work. Do your part.

I voted

This is the little sticker I got from the little old lady
who cranked in my ballot. I put it on my little old lady hat
(which I was wearing to cover my sicky little head).

18 responses to “Vote!

  1. Damn right! Go for it! I only wish I could swim over there and join in the fun.

  2. we wish you could too Dive, we wish you could too.

  3. Done. I even got to vote (non-bindingly) for my representatives in Congress to petition the Congress and the President to end the war in Iraq. I voted yes.

    As I was leaving the fire station where we vote, I came across a little old lady being helped in by her friends. She voted. I’m sick as a dog, having spent thirteen of the last fourteen hours asleep, and if I can vote and the little old lady can vote, damnit, so can everyone else!

  4. You’ve made an old man very happy.
    You too, James. Great – if scary – post on voter protection by the way.

  5. I voted! (But I did mail-in ballot)

  6. Good for you, Super C! I actually wish I had sent in absentee, as I feel awful. But, I did like getting the sticker that said I voted.

  7. I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well, Sassy, but you did your part. Now we just sit and wait. Our polling place uses an electronic thing now, but it prints a ballot at the end. Best of both worlds, but honestly I never saw the problem with the hole-punching thing to begin with.

  8. Thanks, Robyn. I had some steam for a bit this morning, but I think it’s off to my chair for a movie or something. Me poor head is feeling swimy.

    Glad to hear that you got a receipt.

    You must be somewhat relieved to have all that campaigning done, eh? All I ever heard about was Ohio.

  9. Ohio is the state that put it over the edge for Bush last time around, so much so that he actually came to our tiny little down and stopped at the local candy makers for chocolate covered marshmallows. It was quite a site to have all that secret service here. Regardless of what I think of Bush’s job as president, I still hold the office in high regard, and it was cool to have my president drive by on a bus. Small pleasures.

    On top of that, we have our own internal issues. Our local state representative resigned in disgrace–part of the Abramof scandal. And our governor has gutted our educational system. So, we’re busy all around.

  10. Aha! So that guy represented you. Oops.

    My parents (who vote Republican—I still like them, and they still like me) got a real charge out of seeing the motorcade once while vacationing in Maine. I’ve protested at more than one of his personal appearances, but to me, that is a form of respecting the office too.

  11. Protesting is a form of respecting the office, absolutely. As long as you don’t fire bomb the guy. I had coffee with a friend this morning, and we talked about how we have distrusted our politicians since 1776, but we still love the process.

  12. Always non-violent, of course.

    The reason why we have frequent elections is because none of them can be trusted absolutely.

  13. I voted at 7:05 AM no lines no waiting.

    I believe in the sytem all the way!! I’ve been registered as an independant since High School. I wouldn’t mind seeing a third party come out of the ashes some day.

  14. It brings a tear to the jaundiced eye to hear such passion for universal suffrage.
    To waste a vote through apathy is criminal. Whatever the outcome, you lot are all brilliant. Well done.

  15. As I said to Robyn, this conversation has encouraged me. In a sea of voter apathy, here is a group of people who cares enough to vote.

    However you all voted, good for you for doing it!

  16. I’ve just had a cruise through the NaBloPoMo ranomizer again. A reassuringly high percentage of blogs have got reminders to vote on them. And NONE of them were Republicans.
    On that thought, I’m off to bed with the radio and my fingers crossed.

  17. Hi sassy-great blog and great post.The day after I was naturalized in 2004 I registered to vote in that years Presidential election.It was an amazing experience to be a participant rather than a mere observer.That was exactly how I felt when I was the third person in line to cast my vote on Tuesday.

  18. Congratulations, Devin, on casting your first vote! Thanks for the comment.

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