The Fallout from the Thumpin’ At Last Night’s Rodeo

If you didn’t to the Bush news conference, you might want to check it out the news reports. In it, he admits that last night’s election (aka, a “rodeo”) was a “thumpin’.” You can read about it on’s War Room blog (you’ll have to scroll down, as this is an ongoing news blog).

Good riddance, Donald Rumsfeld.

South Dakota rejected the all-out abortion ban.

Democrat Jon Tester won a Senate seat in Montana. Guess associating with criminals can cost even an old warhorse like Conrad Burns a seat.

Everything hangs on the Virginia Senate now. Looks like it might (and perhaps should) go to a recount. The Greens will really be in the outs if they cost the Democrats the Senate. I am considering sending their party chair a little note about their decision to run a candidate in such a close election.

2 responses to “The Fallout from the Thumpin’ At Last Night’s Rodeo

  1. Just been over to the War Room to find the Germans may have another crack at Rumsfeld for war crimes over Guantanamo.

    I was a bit worried that the Democrats would go all out for revenge and impeachment and alienate any crossover voters, but it seems they’re being sensible and playing the long game.

    But of course that doesn’t stop us Europeans having a go. I have a feeling the German action will be the start of some serious transatlantic shit-slinging from the many nations George has pissed off.
    And once we’ve performed our Blairectomy, we’ll be doing it too.

    Thumpin’ good fun.

  2. I read that too.

    Good luck with the Blairectomy. We’ll cheer with you too!

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