We Just Might Get Our Country Back

Well, now, this is a better day, isn’t it? The American people, it seems, have woken up and smelled the lies and corruption. The Democrats have taken the House. A quick check on the Senate races in Montana and Virginia shows that Democrats are leading in both races, albeit by tiny, tiny margins.* We knew the Senate would be tough, but let’s hope those leads hold, and W. gets an even louder message about what the people think about where this country is going.

As sweet as this victory is, however, it isn’t the end of the fight. We now have to hold the Democrats accountable to the principles of the party. That might not (OK, probably won’t) be possible. A time will probably come, when, with the neocons safely confined to the dustbin of history, we will have to vote Green to have progressive voices heard. When this doesn’t mean de facto voting Republican, I will gladly vote Green.

This election, however, wasn’t about the Greens vs. the Democrats (ahem, Virginia, see note below). This election was about sending a message to George W. Bush that the American people will not stand for his actions anymore. It was about telling the neocons that we still stand for freedom and decency and not for fear and torture. That we do not stand for this war waged with lies and incompetence. And if it meant supporting the lesser of two evils to get rid of the vilest evil to ever take control of our country, then so be it.

It looks like it worked.

We just might get our country back. And that is a happy thought.

*A note to the Green Party of Virginia: WHAT IN HELL WERE YOU THINKING??????? OK, Webb isn’t an ideal candidate, but he is against the war. Allen? For it. There were larger issues at stake in this election. This just wasn’t the time for this. It wasn’t the time.

16 responses to “We Just Might Get Our Country Back

  1. I’m posting from Occupied Virginia and must be brief lest the Thought Police are led to me by Green traitors.There will be a reckoning lads…..nothing surer.
    Maybe I’ll apply for a exit visa for MD or MA?

  2. There just isn’t a “WOOHOO” big enough for the past twenty-four hours.

    Tomorrow you can start thinking about what happens next, but today, ignore your rotten cold, just grin like an idiot and dance, dance, dance.

  3. Grinning away.

    You are welcome in MA, Devin, and I’m sure MD will be happy to have you.

  4. I am moving to Scotland! I just can’t wait for the Dems to stick their hands deeply into my pockets to pay for all the welfare, social services and illegal aliens.. no… wait I will move to Mexico,dye my hair, change my name to Lopez, sneak back over the border and then I will have more rights, freedoms and handouts than any LEGAL American Citizen has.. yea that’s it.. that’s what I will do! I am so looking forward to the free ride!

    muy bueno muy bueno en hecho

  5. I don’t know if Yetta is being sarcastic or not, but I do know there are quite a few people who are afraid of higher taxes and completely coming a welfare state on the backs of the working classes. What I find interesting is that the democrats who won were largely middle of the road dems, and the more to the left a person goes, the less likely they are to appeal to voters and voters’ concerns.

    As for me, I will not declare a party. I would rather choose a good leader regardless of his or her affiliation. It’s tough, though. We really do just have to ride the tides as they come and go.

  6. Yetta is not being sarcastic (well, not really), but she is welcome to her opinion, and I am very glad she expressed it.

    I don’t think that the Democrats who won are the War on Poverty Democrats of the late sixties, any more than the Repubicans who won are Einsenhower Republicans of the 1950s. It was under a Democratic president that the welfare reform act was passed (not a move I really liked), and, ironically enough, W. himself is in favor of an immigration policy that would allow for those who have been in this country for a while to stay (I have to say he makes sense here).

    As I’ve said, I’m not all that thrilled with the Democratic party myself. I would much rather have a viable third party to support. But given the way this country has been run (huge Republican deficit, less security, illegal mess of a war, and the whole social issue mess), I threw my lot in with the party who said they’d stop it. I’m happy. I’m sorry that Yetta is not.

  7. I dido Robyn’s comment!!

  8. Well, I do hope the Dems can come through. More than that, I hope this angry, hateful partisan congress can go back to working together–they haven’t always been this viscious, and both sides are guilty. Don’t you just to bitch slap them all?

  9. Yes. But right now, I’m too busy gloating. It’s been six years since I’ve been happy about an election.

  10. Update: Tester wins in Montana! Good bye, Senator Burns. Having lived (however briefly) in Montana, I can say he sucked eggs.

  11. Sassy is right I am not being totally sarcastic. Time is the great equalizer.. we shall see.
    I think “W” is wrong on all his immigration thoughts… I say ship’em all back, raise the minimum wage so our own people can earn a fair living, decrease the welfare available to Americans by putting a time limit on how long they can be on the dole and then… and only then will we systematically allow immigrants back into our country. I think they must also have some sort of proof of means or contribution to this country and be monitored for a few years to make sure they hold up their end of the bargain. Like a contract. It used to be that you needed a sponsor to be allowed to come here. I am not sure if it still applies but I am sure if it does it is not being enforced. How is that for waaaayyyyy right??? LOL

  12. Update-both CNN and MSNBC are reporting that Donald Rumsfeld is stepping down as Secretary of Defense. Nice.

  13. Rumsfeld gone? Really? Oh wow. Better day than I thought. Will check.

  14. Yes, I just heard about the ousting of Rumsfeld, and I can’t figure out why they waited until the day after the election to do that. They knew it was coming–an odd strategy indeed.

  15. No kidding. It was a huge mistake to say that he was staying before the election. Not that I’m upset about it.

    Even my righty colleagues here are saying that it’s about time.

  16. God I love it when girls get all political!

    And a big Hoorah for the Rumsfeldectomy!

    … and for Robyn saying “Bitch Slap”. Old K will be delighted.

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