We Interrupt the Snarky Vitriol to Bring You a Nice Day

The third day of alone time was the charm. I awoke this morning prepared to deal with other human beings and with no desire to watch endless reruns of Grey’s Anatomy.

Although I’m sure today’s high of 60-plus degrees bodes ill for our environment, it was balm to my New England soul. New England winters are hard. They aren’t Montana hard, with endless snow and roads that never get plowed. Nor are they Alaska hard, where I heard it was -31 this morning. No, New England winters don’t usually pit one against the elements like they do out West. Instead, they wear you down in an endless succession of cold, snowy days—until May. So when it is 60-plus degrees out at the end of November, we New Englanders rejoice. Those of us who had the day off (like me) go outside.

First I took a lovely walk on the beach. I smiled at strangers and petted dogs. Here are a few pictures from my stroll.

Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester, MA



Driftwood and seaweed

Then I went to my favorite junk shop and wandered around.


last supper lamp

Laser Moon


And then I went and had coffee at a café and did some knitting (results will be posted shortly). Sitting across from me at the café was an aspiring novelist (she was not writing for National Novel Writing Month, either). I thought of Robyn. I ended my travels with a vist to this little gourmet take-out place my sister works at. There I got some delicious potato leek soup for a late lunch.

All in all, it was a wonderful day. Never you fret, though. I go back to work tomorrow. The snarky vitriol will return shortly.

6 responses to “We Interrupt the Snarky Vitriol to Bring You a Nice Day

  1. What a great day. It was 60-plus here too, but I had to work and couldn’t feel the fresh air until 3:30 or so, and even then I was only out to run errands.

    Thanks for thinking of me at the coffee shop. I LOVE the Accordian a la Carte. Did you buy it?

  2. It was in the free bin, so I took it. I’m going to give it to my brother-in-law for his tacky Christmas present.

    You are most welcome about the thoughts.

  3. Lovely pics, Sassy, especially the jellyfish.
    Not so sure about the Traci Lords poster though.
    Accordian a la Carte! What a classic!

  4. yeah, the tracy lords thing looked both startling and comical…

    I enjoyed a good run in the 60 plus weather. It’s upposed to be 64 this thursday.

  5. Glad you like the pictures. The Traci Lords poster was scary, but I thought it was really funny.

    I’m delighted with the warm weather (though I wish the sun would come out).

  6. everyone needs a day off the snarky schedule. jellyfish was it? you have nice sand where you live, its a lot grittier in my neck of the woods. My personal favorite was the malevolent ninja in “lasor moon” (is that what it said? i couldnt quite make out the print”

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