Quiz Mania

Blame Robyn, Dive, and every other quiz-crazed maniac out there in the blogosphere.

You Are 34% American

America: You don’t love it or want to leave it.
But you wouldn’t mind giving it an extreme make over.
On the 4th of July, you’ll fly a freak flag instead…
And give Uncle Sam a sucker punch!
Your Language Arts Grade: 100%

Way to go! You know not to trust the MS Grammar Check and you know “no” from “know.” Now, go forth and spread the good word (or at least, the proper use of apostrophes).

Are You Gooder at Grammar?
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What Kind of Reader Are You?

Your Result: Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm

You’re probably in the final stages of a Ph.D. or otherwise finding a way to make your living out of reading. You are one of the literati. Other people’s grammatical mistakes make you insane.

Dedicated Reader
Literate Good Citizen
Book Snob
Fad Reader
What Kind of Reader Are You?
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You Are A Weeping Willow Tree

You are a dreamer, and you’re into almost any kind of escapism.
Restless and capricious, you love to travel to exotic places.
You are easily influenced by others, as long as they don’t pressure you.
You tend to suffer in love until you find that one loyal, steadfast partner.
An empathetic friend, you love to make others smile and laugh.


11 responses to “Quiz Mania

  1. I’m a chestnut tree, thank you very much.
    Celtic horoscopes?!?!?

  2. I don’t know. I got that one from a friend of Fat Sparrow’s.

  3. I’m a Fig Tree. I don’t know why I started the quiz thing again–I found the reading one on a site I have discovered, and I just couldn’t help myself.

  4. Hey, I got the same results with the American quiz but with a slightly higher percentage.

  5. I took the Celtic horoscope because I’m supposed to be Celtic. I’m a chestnut tree, the same as Dive. I’d rather be an olive tree but I suppose they’re not very Celtic.

  6. I got exactly the same “how american are you?” rating. 34%.

    These quizzes are addictive, aren’t they?

  7. Welcome, Ms. Mac! An olive tree would be wonderful. I’d rather be that than a weeping willow, that’s for sure. Oh well. I think we can be other trees in our minds if we want.

    Robyn, I think we are more alike than appearances would suggest.

    Welcome, Andraste! Glad to see that you aren’t all that American, either.

  8. well I couldn’t read the American quiz due to the print looking way small but I already know the answer, not at all American, I am a chestnut tree too and put it up on my about me on my blog.

  9. 34% American, 100% at language arts, the reader one was one less than obsessive. And I’m a maple tree.

  10. Knudsen, be proud not to be an American. I saw the Chestnut tree reference, and I do believe that I remember the post about your birthday.

    Before Girl, maple trees are wonderful. That’s a good one.

  11. haha.. going to steal one of these from ya ;)

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