All the Cops in the Doughnut Shops

OK, this is really funny. Guy, robbing a doughnut shop is just asking for trouble.


9 responses to “All the Cops in the Doughnut Shops

  1. That’s great! (both that the cop saved the day and the general hillarity of the story.

  2. That’s brilliant, Sassy.
    The real life Clancy Wiggum …

  3. Doh!

  4. I love the image of the other customers nodding their heads toward the cash register in a meaningful way and the cop actually ‘getting it.’ In the movies, it’d be Jack Black going ‘does everyone here have a condition or something?’

  5. i worked at Tim Hortons for over five years. Trust me, cops=donuts is true.

  6. What I kept thinking through this story is why anyone would pick a donut shop to rob because they take in small amounts of money. It’s not like people spend thousands of dollars on donuts every day.

  7. The Police spend millions!

  8. The Hangar Queen

    Depends on where you are I suppose.A lot of places like having cops around especially late at night and often comp coffee and donuts.
    Being an absolute bitch about that kind of thing I always insist on paying for mine (Coffee, I don’t touch donuts)and it pisses my coworkers right off.
    It’s a brilliant story though although you have to wonder (like robyn) who would hold up a donut shop?

  9. This would never happen at Starbucks.

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