Someone Still Thinks He’s Sexy: Rod the Bod Commanding High Ticket Prices in His Dotage

Tonight’s the Night!

Today we got an e-mail from the company offering us a chance to buy club seats to Rod Stewart’s upcoming show in Boston. The price? $137.50.

That’s right. Rod the Bod still commands that kind of scratch. My friend attributes Rod’s sustained allure to his “Tom Jones” factor. Those of a certain age still remember thinking he was sexy and wanting his body, and so they feel nostalgic. He’s switched from bawdy to ballads, and so these people can still listen to his “music.”

I wonder if they’ll throw their granny pants at him when he sings “Hot Legs” for old times’ sake. That spectacle might be worth someone paying $137.50 for me to see the show.


9 responses to “Someone Still Thinks He’s Sexy: Rod the Bod Commanding High Ticket Prices in His Dotage

  1. I wonder if I can find someone going to the show whom I can send with a pair of size 30 grannie panties with a fake phone number written in that they can toss up on the stage.


  2. That would rock.

  3. Well, I was about to have supper, but now I’m just going to go to bed queasy.

  4. When I first saw the picture, I scrunched up and said “eww,” but then when I read the name “Tom Jones” I had to add the scrunched up nose too. Disgusting. I can’t believe the ticket price!

  5. Oh, I know. He’s just gross.

  6. His wife’s a ride though.

  7. Man, I love when those emails are sent around the company. I think my favorite email was for Bette Midler. Price? $234! Dude i wouldn’t pay 5 bucks to see Midler.

    Prices man. sheesh.

  8. I remember when tickets for lawn seats (by which I mean sitting in the grass) at Great Woods (Tweeter Center my butt) were only $20. For twenty bucks you could watch a show with binnoculars or just sit and enjoy the music and surreptitiously watch people having sex on the lawn.

  9. Sigh… Great Woods. Before it was the Tweeter Center. What kind of name is Tweeter Center?

    I got David Bowie tickets through the company once, but mostly I just pass around the offers to my friends for a laugh.

    Kav, I try not to think about Rod Stewart, so I’m afraid that I know nothing about his wife.

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