Fanta Pee, Global Warming, and a Dating Update

Today’s entry from America: The Calendar, by the good folks at the Daily Show, is another classic. Who else can take a troubling issue, like water privatization, and make something so funny out of it? Do we really want to drink other people’s Fanta urine instead of water? Then perhaps we should think about the bottled water industry. Jon Stewart, bless him.

Well, the weather outside is frightful, and the wind’s blowing the snow in a most delightful way. Everything’s coated with a little wintry dust, hiding all the messy imperfections of the world. The only thing is that yesterday I didn’t need a real coat, and today it’s freezing. If this keeps up, we’re all going to get incredibly sick. Even with this dusting, Seattle has still seen more snow than we have. I saw a picture of the aftermath of yesterday’s tornado in London in today’s paper. Since when is London Kansas? What the hell? Those wackos who still refuse to believe in global warming—where are they again? Strange days indeed.

Since I know that you are all waiting with bated breath for my dating news (ha!), here’s an update. I’m supposed to go out for dinner with Flattering French Guy tomorrow night. I think I’m going to cancel. After hanging up the phone last night, I realized that I had nothing in common with this guy and that I was cringing instead of feeling all fluttery with excitement. There’s the new David Lynch film playing at the Brattle and the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) is finally opening to the public on Sunday, so I might do that instead.


6 responses to “Fanta Pee, Global Warming, and a Dating Update

  1. Dude toady’s entry was a total blast. I love that fanta was rock bottom!

  2. hmmm. I’m curious as to why you are thinking about backing out of the date. BUT on the other hand you shouldn’t do anything that makes you “cringe”. The ICA sounds like a good idea. I can’t wait to get there myself but I will probably wait till it’s been open for a while. I hate crowds. Maybe you could bring the french guy to the brattle to see the film and you won’t have to worry about doing a lot of talking :)

  3. I do enjoy the squeezing of wet things …
    I’m still wondering about Pepe le Pew. Should you go just for a free meal? I must admit, I’d prefer David Lynch and a box of popcorn any day …
    And besides; anybody who would leave France for the US has got to be a bit suspect in the taste stakes.
    Keep us posted.

  4. I thought the Fanta thing was funny too.

    Rich and Dive (and James, since you mentioned it separately), I wish I could be one of those people who just go out for the free food, but I’m not. I would feel bad knowing that I’d done that, and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a dinner with someone who makes me cringe.

    I might change my mind, but at this point, I think I’m just going to say no thanks. There are other men out there.

  5. Stupid computer–I tried to comment earlier but couldn’t get the graphic for the stupid word verification. Here is what I wanted to say:

    I think if you are cringing, then you should cancel and not waste your time or his. Interesting, though, that the men think you should for the food. There might be something to that.

    I didn’t think Fanta was still around until they started playing those hideously annoying commercial in movie theaters. I reject the stuff because the marketing is bad. It should be at the bottom of every list.

  6. Go with yer gut instinct, many would just go for the food.

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