Pinochet Escapes Justice, Dies at 91

On September 11, 1973 (the day I came into this world), a CIA-sponsored coup ousted Chile’s elected leader, Salvador Allende, and installed Augusto Pinochet as dictator. Pinochet’s reign of terror lasted until 1990. Under his regime, some 3,000 people were murdered, many of the victims number among Latin America’s “disappeared”—their bodies never found. Pinochet never stood trial for his crimes, using his failing health as an excuse.

Just as the wheels of justice were finally starting to turn, Pinochet’s health yet again took a turn for the worse. Today he’s dead, at age 91. The families of the victims will not see justice in this life. So ends another chapter in the disastrous history of US intervention in Latin America.

8 responses to “Pinochet Escapes Justice, Dies at 91

  1. Shame on the bastard. I hope there’s a Hell so he rots in it.
    Perhaps the truth can start to come out now …

  2. A lot of the truth is already out there in the form of declassified documents.

  3. First for the news, I supposed I should mention it after the recent upset about the dictator of the year.

  4. Don’t kick yourself, Knudsen. Your dictator of the year deserved it. He was the ex-dictator of the year. Now he’s a dead bastard.

  5. Taken the cowards way out, like Kenneth Lay of Enron. Couldn’t even live long enough to pay their debts.

  6. You said it, Kav.

  7. He has pals all over the ‘free’ world, Margaret Thatcher is one of them. Not one of them ever tried to stop him, on the contrary he was a friend to ‘democracy’.

    May he rot, screaming, in the torments of Hell. May he have his 91 years back and may his nerve endings feel the pain and misery of each and every one of his victims for every minute of those 91 years. May he be reborn with his eyes open to his own cruelty.

  8. He did, didn’t he, the horrible muddafukka? He evaded justice. As Kav said, he took the coward’s way out, by becoming 90.

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