Random Monday Musings

Holy crap, this story made me laugh. I can see it now. A family brings home their Christmas tree, and the fresh pine scent fills the house. Mugs of hot chocolate all around. Singing along with the Christmas music, the family begins to decorate. Everything is just holiday perfect until… Aieeeeee! The tree has beady little eyes! I can see a horror movie franchise here. Perhaps I should write a screenplay, The Christmas Trees Have Eyes. Whaaa haaa haaaa haa.

So I didn’t go out with Flattering French Guy, as you may have guessed. I just couldn’t go through with it. I called him and wound up having to leave a message saying that I didn’t think it was a good idea for us to meet up. When I hung up I felt nothing but relief. There are other men out there, and I’m sure that Flattering Guy can flatter his way in to some other woman’s heart.

Nothing much went on with me this weekend. I stayed close to home and made some major progress on the holiday knitting. Check out my posts on Punk Rock Knitters (here and here), if you’d like (exception: Ms. Smokestack cannot click on these links, or she will ruin her surprise).

The only other thing of note that happened to me was that I fell in the driveway. Splatted was more like it. Hey, Grace! I turned my foot, and now I’m walking with a limp. I have huge bruises on my elbow and hip. Pretty. And now it’s off to the warehouse.

6 responses to “Random Monday Musings

  1. I love the dish cloths! My friend who owns a yarn shops is always making those. And the hat and scarf look great. I’m sure your father will love them.

    I’m glad you were relieved with your decision to cancel the date. It’s so much better than regrets. Besides, flattery can only go so far, and then it gets dull.

  2. ah.. robyns right on about the flattery thing

    sorry to hear about your fall. hope you feel better soon.

  3. Where was Chevvy Chase? I think you were right about the Frenchie, it all smelled of garlic, just glad you didn’t try to fool yourself as many do and make excuses to go ahead, get a nice dumb American who thinks Paris is in Texas (Scottish humour)sorry about yer fall and then the warehoose, hips are like jobs, you can always get a new one, I.C.E. ice compress elevate on yer ankle when you can.
    Rich don’t beat me up about the American remark, I’m old and bleed easily.

  4. Is this revenge for the Fish Heads song? Now I’ve got Voulez Vouz Coucher Avec Moi stuck in my cranky old head.
    Spiffy knitting, as ever.

    I’d offer to kiss your pretty bruises better but I’ve spent my air fare on Christmas presents (I can feel your relief all the way over here) …
    Get yourself better soon, and don’t overdo it at the warehouse.

    Love the possum story.

  5. Old “K” what’s so funny about PAris being in Texas?? I don’t get it?

  6. Robyn, I’m glad you liked the knitted things. Thanks for the encouragement regarding the dating.

    Rich, thanks for the wishes. After warehouse duty (we’re on through Wednesday again this week), I’m going to need lots of them.

    Knudsen, I thought of that too, but I decided to go for the horror angle. He defintely wasn’t from Texas, but he was a bit sniffy. I’m going to be doing all those things to my poor foot when I get home.

    Dive, vengence is sweet. At least one can dance to my song. Glad you liked the possum story.

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