Christmas Horror, Or Today’s Tackiest Item Is . . .

Just hear those sleigh bells jingleing, ring-ting-tin-gle-ing too,
Come on, that Yuletide Stalker is coming after you
Outside the snow is falling and you are screaming “Yooo hoo!”
Come on, that Yuletide Stalker is coming after you.

This book is billed as an INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE. Seriously. Stalking as romantic? This is why I don’t buy holiday gifts.

13 responses to “Christmas Horror, Or Today’s Tackiest Item Is . . .

  1. LOL

    Oh, that is tooo funny.

    At least this means that there is a market for some of the crazy book prosals our company rejects…

  2. No kidding. Be on the lookout for the Helium book.

  3. I tried convincing a couple ladies that stalking was romantic back in my heyday…

    It never really worked. ;)


  4. Sorry, Steven. Not sexy. Not at all. Scary. Both words begin with “s,” and that’s all they have in common.

  5. This is so great. You know how many of these things I have seen? But to think that Steeple Hill would actually say yes to this proposal and title. Yikes.

  6. The really scary thing is that people seem to like it. I did a search on the title, and it has some rave reviews from tasteless people. I then found the author’s site. She’s this little old lady.

    I think there’s some sick unfulfilled fantasy going on.

  7. I think I’ve read this one …

    Is it about some creepy old bearded guy who breaks into people’s houses with a sack in his hand, stalking children?
    When he catches them he goes “Ho ho ho!” and empties his sack … er …

  8. Oh dear….

    Well, I guess this one was asking for that.

  9. I think Irene Brand is admitting to her crime. The cover says it all.

    At least with Yuletide stalkers you only get them for part of the year. It’s those Full Time Stalkers that really get on the nerves.

  10. I don’t know, Kieran. She might try to get all her stalking jollies in one fell swoop. Could be even more dangerous.

  11. Reminds me of that strange Doris Day song that crosses the line from romantic obsession to creepy (er) stalkerishness.

    Do I hear slay bells ringing?

  12. Bad pun, Conan, but fitting.

    There’s something just really creppy about stalking at Yuletide to me. Seems very different from stalking at Midsummer.

  13. Yes, but there’s so little daylight around mid-winter that folks just want to go for a good stalk… muhwhahahaha!

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