And the Winner for Best Opening Line Is . . .

Lucky me, I didn’t have to wait too long for more interesting online dating men to come along and e-mail me. One gent in particular sounds very promising (gasp! I think have interests and ideas in common!). This guy, however, takes the prize for best opener ever. The way to a woman’s heart—make her laugh really, really hard.

In my profile, I mention being open to new ideas. His e-mail:


I was hoping you would come with me to Reykjavik, Iceland to
live in a geodesic dome heated by volcanic steam where we could grow orchids to
sell on eBay?

Your profile says you are open to new ideas. ;)

I’ll forgive him the emoticon for his daring. My reply: “What would you do if I said yes?”

Iceland, ho!


10 responses to “And the Winner for Best Opening Line Is . . .

  1. If you don’t want him, can I have him?

  2. Why not. Maybe he’ll want you to move to New Jersey.

  3. Rekyavik I can handle, but New Jersey? Yikes!

  4. He’d want to change things around I’m sure. Maybe you’ll sell ostrich feathers?

  5. He’s a keeper for sure. And New Jersey has some lovely spots as long as you don’t mind over population and crazy traffic (ie, Route 17)

  6. He sounds cool, which is why I replied. I think this other lad is more interesting, but funny counts for a lot in my book. I’m not sure why I mentioned New Jersey. I guess I was thinking of something really foreign for Dive.

  7. ill be expecting a considerable discount on my hothouse orchid. no pressure, of course.

  8. Why not? There is so much volcanic steam here, you could make good use of it. We even grow our own bananas in those greenhouses.

    Say yes. We’ll meet up for coffee.

  9. My meme says I want to go to Iceland, can I go too? I’ll be good, I’ll just sit in the corner and watch.

  10. Taihae, I’ll even send you one for free. Hope the exams went well.

    You’re on, Annie.

    No Icelandic move would be complete if I couldn’t have Knudsen along, now would it?

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