Speed Date with PhilosopherPants

Well PhilosopherPants and I went out on a date last night. I’m not sure what to think. As I had to work today, he was willing to drive out here (a huge plus, as many Bostonians don’t leave their precious hub for fear of dying out here in “the nature,” as a friend of mine puts it), and we met for dinner.

We had a good conversation; he’s easy to talk to, and he’s an interesting guy. He’s not my type, really, but since my type tends to be Class-A (for Asshole), I’m trying to branch out a bit. He paid for dinner, which however archaic that sounds it means that he thought of this as a date. We had a nice stroll through town, and I thought that maybe we’d stop and get a quick drink or coffee or something, but he kept walking toward our cars. When we got to the parking lot, he said he had a nice time and that he’d like to go out again, gave me a quick hug, and was off. Our date lasted one hour and fifteen minutes. No kissing. When I called my friend to tell her I was home, she said, “ALREADY?! Did you take him home with you or something?”

So I’ve had a date. I haven’t thought about him much, and I certainly don’t have a goofy grin on my face this morning. I suppose he could be a slow mover, and perhaps even a gentleman. If he calls, I’d probably go out with him again just to see what happens. If he doesn’t, it won’t bother me.



6 responses to “Speed Date with PhilosopherPants

  1. Well, so at least the first meeting is out of the way. It’s good that you can be relaxed about it, so you can just sit back and see what happens.

  2. Men! Huh!
    They buy you meals and don’t slobber all over you on a first date …
    What a pig!

    Sassy, I’ll never understand weemen.
    Whatever we do on a first date is wrong …
    Oh well.

  3. Robyn, sometimes it’s better not to be so relaxed.

    Dive, men do things right all the time. Really. It’s not a “men” thing. I was just a little surprised that it only lasted a little more than an hour. We didn’t get much of a chance to talk. And I like kissing. Not slobbering. Kissing.

    He’s not a pig. He’s very nice. Like I said, I’m used to Class-A men. Takes a little getting used to. We shall see.

  4. maybe his wife was expecting him hahaha, no really the manners thing is good, he sees you as a person and isn’t overly confident about being god’s give to ‘weemen’ as dive would say (the man can’t speell) not a long date though.

  5. Oh, his manners were wonderful. It was the timing that got to me. My first date with Ex-Boyfriend was also somewhat “chaste,” but we took a nice walk after dinner and got coffee afterwards. The time spent made me think he was interested.

  6. sounds like a challenge to me.. has anyone had a quicker quickie of a date?

    where did you meet philosopherpants? or do i need to keep reading.. I’ll keep reading shall I..?

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