So… Saddam Hussein Is Dead

So, do you think Saddam Hussein’s execution spared embarrassment for the current US administration?
Saddam Hussen was an evil dictator, but he never would have had as much power as he had were it not for the Republicans in power during the 1980s. So much for American memory.

7 responses to “So… Saddam Hussein Is Dead

  1. What? they did it? you are my first choice for news, shit does that mean I have to post on this?

  2. I need to crawl out of the bottle for a few days, methinks.

    This NaDruBloDa kinda kicked my ass. For about a week.

  3. Yup. The US administration’s friend and ally in the Middle East for so many years and recipient of massive amounts of US arms and money during the Iran Iraq war has finally met his maker.
    I’m not going to bother watching the news for the next couple of days. I think the inevitable Bush gloat-fest would make me throw up …

  4. I haven’t heard a Bush snippet yet, and I wouldn’t just as soon avoid this. I think this is more about the Iraqies working out their own issues and hanging their own evil demon. CNN thinks it’s a turning point, but the civil war in Iraq has nothing to do with Hussein, so I don’t think it will be more than a hiccup.

  5. Knudsen, This greeted me as I drifted off to sleep, so I figured I’d get up and post it.

    Northern Girl, Hope you feel better. I’m afraid that I was a bad NaDruBloDa-er.

    Dive, I hear you. I really think that he didn’t stand trial for his other crimes in part because a lot would have come out about the US turning a blind eye toward them. I really don’t want to hear what W has to say about all of this, but I’ll listen.

    Robyn, It’s sad, isn’t it, that this isn’t going to change anything? The only thing I think it will do is make things worse over there. I wonder if it really was the Iraqis dealing with their demon, though. I don’t think that they have as much autonomy as we keep hearing they do. But that’s me.

  6. I don’t think they have or can have as much autonomy as they need at the moment, but based on the images of people dancing in the streets tells me they don’t mind seeing the heartless guy go.

    I think the only people sorry to see him go are his daughters a few stray Baathists.

  7. Oh, people are happy about it. He was a monster. But in the rush to bring him to justice, it looks as though there were some missteps.

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