Today Is Friday…

Today is Friday, and I’m singing my little Friday Song. I don’t have much by way of plans this weekend. PhilosopherPants and I exchange a couple of e-mails, but I think it’s safe to say that we’re not really an ideal dating pair. Anyway, I could use a little down time after the two-day New Year’s bash and a nearly full-length work week.

I had thought that Perfume: Story of a Murderer might have been worth going to see, but I’ve read terrible reviews. Pity, I thought the whole idea of seeing and hearing scent sounded so sensual, and you know, there was that whole creepy book thing. My two new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, recorded for me by Super Carissa Marie, will provide some guilty pleasure instead. That and some wine.

What about you? Big weekend plans? Any suggestions?


22 responses to “Today Is Friday…

  1. Shop for shoes. No contest.

  2. Perhaps I will?

    What about you?

  3. OK. Done.

  4. There were a couple of posts here that were more personal in nature than intended. I removed them at the request of the author.

  5. Ta much.
    And yes, I might buy shoes, too. I rather fancy a new pair of Converse hi-tops.

  6. Converse are always a good purchase. Have you ever tried Black Spot shoes? They are made by the good people at AdBusters, and they are very cool. I’m not sure if you can get them in the UK, but you could check through the AdBusters web site.

  7. I’ll check ’em out.

    I like Converse because I used to wear them when I was a little kid in the early sixties and they still look cool.

  8. It’s a no kid weekend… YIPPEE! Off to the liquor store for a couple of bottle of Simi Cab and home to peace and quite. Tomorrow, take down the tree, put all the Holiday stuff away, clean and fix myself a gormet meal. Sunday, sleep in until 9:00am when my Sunday Morning show come on, after that… who knows. Although I am told the Hot Tub will be up and running by late Saturday PM, I am still not buying it. But I am hopeful. Sit and soak under the stars with a nice glass of wine.. oh it must be heaven! Anyone wanna join me?

  9. hey whats up with the Adminstrator removing things? Is your freedom of speech monitored here? Just asking because I don’t know.

  10. Hey, Yetta!

    You have a hot tub? Oh wow. Nice.

    I removed the items at the request of the author. The author will vouch for me. I support free speech. You know that.

  11. The author vouches for Sassy.

    She’s just the best.

  12. I was just curious and was being befuddeld that you would have allowed anyone to alter your thoughts… and yes about the Tub. Stick around here long enough and the swag eventually rolls down hill! Imagine a hot tub for FREE!
    Dive: Glad you realize what I have know for years! She is the best and….. if not for the rather large pond between ya..,.mmmmm might be the answer to your dating issues.. you two are very alike IMHO

  13. sorry if the spellign is off.. liquor store.. blurring my vision… Have a great weekend

  14. Yetta, you should have done the National Drunken Blogging Day.

    Have fun with the hot tub! Lucky you.

  15. you know, you can permanently delete messages, and then they don’t leave the mysterious looking trail. Hmmm, now I’m left to wonder.

    We had dinner at Olive Garden because our employees gave my husband a gift certificate. Then we did a little shopping with daughter. Tomorrow we have to go to a wedding, and the reception will be dry. snooze. The bride is nice, though.

    I was suppose to play in a concert featuring an ancient guy who does this very cool telling of the history of the American flag. Surprisingly, it’s a great show, and my orchestra did it last year. We just need to record it now. But the old guy got shingles, and the whole thing has been postponed. So, now I guess I’ll just pack up the Christmas paraphenalia and write when I can.

    You should buy shoes.

  16. Oh, and you should enjoy Grey’s Anatomy with plenty of wine and chocolate.

  17. I’m going to lick chocolate off a large shaven dog.

    Or I may just pee myself and cry alot.

  18. That is an astonishingl;y erotic thought, Mister K …
    Hee hee.

  19. Good luck with the wedding, Robyn. I hate it when you know it will be boring. Perhaps a flask could help?

    A coworker of mine got shingles last year. That can be nasty. I hope he feels better soon.

    I did enjoy Grey’s with lots of wine. I didn’t have any chocolate, though. Will do better next time.

    That poor, poor dog. Don’t cry. Or pee.

  20. So, Dive, is it the peeing and crying or the dog licking that’s erotic? Ha.

  21. Robyn, I’m surprised at you!

  22. Weekend plans?

    Hmmm. So far I slept an hour later than usual, got up, cleaned the kitchen, took a shower, threw some stuff in a crockpot to make tortilla soup and left to come to work. (you can almost hear the enthusiasm seeping out of my pores!)

    So, um, now I’m at work. Alone. Phil must have gone home before I got here. So sad and lonely times in cubicleville for me. :-(

    Tomorrow, Joe and I are teaching Sunday school. We are only teaching once a month now which will be nice. After church I will probably bring my husband to either the train or work and then go home and clean our house (which is presently in a very sorry state….except the bathroom…Which actually looks very nice).

    *sigh* Back to work…

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