Cleansing Thoughts

Something strange is going on in Blogland. With few exceptions, including Robyn (who mentions Lucifer) and Carissa (who talks about sexy knitting), blogging of late has gotten a bit, well, crass. Puffins and drugs and strange acts involving Chuck Norris, oh my! How-to tips, debates on one’s stage name, and stench, oh my! Perhaps it’s the January doldrums, perhaps it’s global warming. Who knows? In any event, I’m all for things bawdy and crass, and we all know that I can turn things up a notch when the mood strikes, but I cannot be looking at such posts while at work. I’ll get myself fired.

So I need to think good, clean thoughts and take a break today. Maybe I’ll get some work done.

See you when I get home.

9 responses to “Cleansing Thoughts

  1. Really? And just where are you going? The only thing I did today was look up a particular tarot deck on barnes and noble.

  2. I checked the top half of my links and those gits haven’t posted in ages.
    I suspect its just a few rotten apples doing this, I will look into it as I research (again) fisting for a post I’m doing.

  3. I’m with you there, Sassy.
    I just got home from work and headed straight over to Robyn’s for something nice to read, then over here. I dare not look at my comments as things have got a bit out of hand.
    Hopefully a return to normality tomorrow …

  4. Drat! Erased! Must try again (I’m trying to be a good girl now! Work with me!)
    Oh, lots of places, Before Girl. Lots of places. Thing is, everyone seemed to turn on the dirty button at the same time.

    Knudsen, you were somehwat excepted, as you are always a risk. Good luck with the research.

    Dive, I’m so sorry. I fully meant for that comment to be taken the wrong way, but I had no idea what it would lead to.

  5. Sassy, I can only imagine what would happen if you were caught reading a string of filth while at work. It doesn’t take much to make everyone go a little crazy.

  6. blame it on old “k” he’s been a bad influence on us all.

  7. Its called work not surfing, yeah blame little old me, anyway glad to be consistant in this every changing world, coming up soon big changes by the way.

  8. sassy, I’m going to have to ask that you put up links to all this filth. For the greater good, you understand.

  9. Rich, I blame myself as much as anyone. Like I said, Knusden is Knudsen.

    And Knudsen, I do know it’s work. Surfing’s just more fun.

    Kav, I really wanted to post links, but that would have gotten me fired.

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