Life, the Universe, and Not Much Going On

If you have not seen these flicks yet, and if you can stomach violence, go see Children of Men and Pan’s Labyrinth. Children of Men’s use of sound and color to convey the struggle for hope and survival made it the most remarkable futuristic film I’ve seen since Blade Runner. The nightmarish, yet strangely beautiful, fantasy of Pan’s Labyrinth, interwoven with a brutal tale of the end of the Spanish Civil War, is simply stunning in its originality. Neither film insults its audience by neatly filling in the story; instead they challenge the audience to find the meaning. Mexican directors are making beautiful films these days.

Aside from that, not a hell of a lot is going on with me. I had lunch with my parents on Sunday. I was able to keep my it’s-cold-out-leave-me-the-hell-alone prickliness from getting the best of me, and we had a decent time. We went into a British imports store, and I found this shelf of goodies. Let it not be said that American food is the only thing worthy of a bit of mockery.

British Goodies

Mmmm. Sauce. Fruity Sauce. Tasty. Gimme some Marmite. I’ve spared everyone the tinned Spotted Dick on the top shelf.

This morning I woke up to this beautiful sight out my living room window. Finally, a bit of the white stuff.

Snowy Day


27 responses to “Life, the Universe, and Not Much Going On

  1. Good Morning Sassy. Thanks for the info on the movies. I actually bought the Directors Cut of Blade Runner for myself for Christmas.
    “So many memories, lost like tears in rain”. One of the best lines ever! Besides Rutger is such eye candy!

  2. You beat me out of the “spotted dick” joke.

  3. I can’t wait for the new director’s cut to come out. The line I always hear is, “It’s a pity she won’t live. But then again, who does?”

    Before Girl, I’m quick like that.

  4. Sean Young was so pretty in that scence where she was playing the piano, I would have slept with her and I don’t swing that way!

  5. Great movies, Sassy.

    Nice shelf! It amazes me that expat Brits really hunger for all that crappy stuff. Other than the very occasional jar of Marmite (for when I’ve got company who’ve outstayed their welcome), none of that would be allowed in my kitchen. Eww!

    And Roy Batty? Would.

  6. Ps. the Directors Cut -Limited edition was released on 9/5/06. It is really good. Especially on a 55″ HD Tv, with surround!

  7. Couldn’t agree with you more on Children of Men and Pan’s Labyrinth. Great films. And I think Children of Men will probably list up there among my best films of last year.

  8. Prudence, there’s supposed to be another “director’s cut” coming out, I think, that’s coming out. Sort-of the “final edition.”

    Dive, isn’t that funny? Who wants anything like “fruity sauce”?

    James, I concur completely on the top-ten of 2007.

  9. You are correct Sass! I should have done a bit more googling!

  10. Dive-there’s a funny saying that kinda goes with yucky British food.

    “In heaven, the British are the politicians, the French are the cooks and the Italians are the lovers. In hell, the British are the cooks, the French the lovers, and the Italians the politicians.”

  11. I like the winter shoot from your window. It really depicts new england in winter

  12. Before Girl, I saw that on a tee shirt in that shop. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Only they had the Germans and the Swiss in there too. When the Germans were the police, things went badly.

    Thank you, Rich. I love my view from that window.

  13. Sassy, I always like that view from your window. Regardless of the weather, it’s lovely.

    And BG, that description of heaven and hell is great! I’ll steal that, I think, and use it later.

    I will take a picture of my SUPER MARKET’S British section. It’s got quite a bit.

  14. Oh yeah, I could take some funny pictures there too.

    I’m glad you like the view, Robyn.

  15. And what about the Swiss? Don’t leave me in suspense!

  16. That’s a great rhyme, BG, except our politicians are even worse than our cooks!
    If you made it “In Heaven, the British would do all the moaning …”, it would work a lot better.

  17. Heaven is where:
    The police are British
    The mechanics are German
    The cooks are French
    The lovers are Italian
    And the whole thing is organized by the Swiss;

    Hell is where:
    The police are German
    The mechanics are French
    The cooks are British
    The lovers are Swiss
    And the whole thing is organized by the Italians…

    I don’t know what anyone had against Swiss lovers, but the thought of it made me giggle.

  18. I spy Vegemite on that lower shelf – that’s more Aussie than British!

  19. True, true, Vic. I think they wanted to be inclusive.

  20. Nice one sassy, I’ve heard great things about those movies. And please tell me that photo’s from the store and it’s not your cupboard at home…

  21. Kav, the photo is from the store. The thought of eating that stuff makes my stomach flip.

  22. Some of those things are acceptable, in small quantities, combined with the right ingredients. Just about.

  23. I think I could live my entire life without tasting Fruity Sauce and die a happy woman.

  24. Somewhat sadly, Kav, I’ve actually used Vegemite as a substitute for beef stock before…

  25. Ick.

  26. ha, fab pic, sassy.

    gravy’s not the same without vegemite in it. nor is toast or sangers (sandwiches) and a big spoon of it straight from the jar to yer mouth if you’ve come home half cut from the pub. good hangover cure.
    hm, i could also go some hp sauce and some of that salad cream. you have no idea how cool it is to be able to read the labels.

    that view is lovely. stay warm and cosy there now.

  27. Ooooh. I’m not sure I’d want to eat that with a sour stomach and a dry mouth.

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