Zippy the Pinhead and Fluffernutters

Zippy the Pinhead never ceases to confound me. That’s why I love him. Now Fluff loves him too.

So, what realizations make you wake up screaming?

19 responses to “Zippy the Pinhead and Fluffernutters

  1. Sometimes, as shallow as this may sound, the idea that I will be cooking for the same damned limited taste buds for the rest of my able-bodied life wakes me up in a cold sweat.

  2. That works.

  3. Whenever the alarm goes off at 4:40 in the morning (every working day).
    An early morning scream is quite therapeutic.

  4. Having been self destructive and suicidal for most of my adult life only a wet bed wakes me up screaming, everything else is just wee buns.

  5. That my company won’t supply materials necesary for people in my department to do their freaking jobs. Oh wait, I’m screaming baout that right now.


  6. the alarm just woke me from a dream where a (younger) mel gibson was rubbing my feet. we were on a train. it didn’t quite cause me to wake screaming; however, my mood is rather subdued as i ponder that one…

  7. Dive, if my alarm went off at that hour (I call 5:00 AM “Satan’s Witching Hour”), I would scream too. That’s icky. I would be late every single day, as I can hardly drag my sorry ass out of bed at 7:30 most days.

    Knudsen, waking up with a wet bed would make me cringe more than scream.

    Carissa, I heard that primal scream, so I hear you.

    Gaigin Girl, dreaming about Mel Gibson would make me scream and up my therapy appointments. I might also request lots of medication.

    As for me, I really hate it when things aren’t going right with relationships. It makes me crazy, and I try to solve things in my sleep. Sometimes it goes badly.

  8. Well, this is off the subject, but only slightly. I occasionally have night terrors where I wake up screaming for no reason whatsoever, except that I have a dreaded sense that I am about to be attacked by something–sometimes I see an actual creature, like a giant spider or a creapy thing in the shadows. Once I dreamed I was bitten by a snake on the hand, and after I stopped screaming, my hand actually hurt.

  9. Yikes. Those aren’t good dreams, Robyn. Are you worried about something? Ex-Boyfriend used to have a lot of nightmares, and I always worried that he had something that was reallyl bothering him. I’m sorry that you have nightmares.

  10. The Hangar Queen

    Having the wet seep over from Knudsen’s half to my half…yerrrgh

  11. hm, the dream was kinda nice, actually as it was the young, cute mel. you know – how he looked in gallipoli and before he went all weird.

    as dreams are our way of processing events, situations, day to day suppression of primitive urges, etc., i reckon you’re on the right track if you’re spending hours trying to solve things. er, unless you mean it gives you insomnia, in which case that would really blow.

    it’s not always pretty, but there’s always something going on in our heads.

  12. if you’re spending your ‘sleeping’ hours…

  13. Hangar Queen, I’m so sorry. Getting someone else’s wee on thee whilst sleeping would be unpleasant. Knudsen, you really should be more careful.

    Gaijin Girl, I do remember the young Mel. I even liked him. But I would remember the Mel of today as I roused myself from sweet slumber, and then I’d scream.

    I knew what you meant.

  14. Having to go to work where I work every day.

    Oh and did you know that Zippy is a rip-off from an actual disease? Wikipedia it-oh and the movie “Freaks” from the 1920s or so featuring actual circus freaks, including “pinheads.” Beetlejuice from Howard Stern’s show is a living on.

    Weird trivia.

  15. Hmmm… I didn’t know that it started with Freaks. I thought it was something from the nineteenth century carnival culture (I think Freaks is based on that).

    Will check out Wikipedia.

  16. The angry speeches I compose in my head make me wake up screaming. In frustrated anger, not fear or anything. Though I do have the occasional ‘intruder’ dream. Those freak me right the fuck out.

  17. Sticking to the “fluff” no pun intended. I love to take two chocolate chip cookies and spread fluff in between them and make what I call a chocochip fluff sandwich. Yum yum yummy.

  18. on the other hand, I wake up saying “ohhhhh make me scream”!!!!

  19. Andraste, that would make me wake up screaming, too.

    Rich, I think the sugar shock from all that Fluff might make you wake up screaming for water.

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