The World Would Be a Better Place If ________

Bless Robyn’s heart. She’s given us another assignment. This time I’m truly grateful, because I am feeling about as creative as Sauce (see photo in earlier post). She has asked us to fill in the blank for this sentence: “The world would be a better place if ________. “

For some reason, I keep singing that ditty, “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony…” after thinking about the question, but I still managed to come up with a few answers. They aren’t deep, as they’ve come from someone with the creativity of Sauce. I make no apologies.

The world would be a better place if:

— we didn’t have to work for a living.
— everyone had everything they needed.
— chocolate was a diet food.
— we didn’t need diet foods.
— I could dance all the time.
— we could, well, just get along.
— every day was like Sunday, but not silent or gray.
— laundry did itself.
— there was always a concert in the park, and the band was good.
— red wine, good champagne, and Guinness were available at will.
— I had a massage every day.
— my daily massage was given by a hot man named Sven.
— everyone got their minds out of the gutter.
— everyone had knowing little smiles on their faces all the time.
— nice dogs lived forever.
— we could fly.
— I had a teleporter.
— we could switch back and forth from childhood to adulthood as we saw fit.
— everyone was healthy and happy and lived in peace.

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20 responses to “The World Would Be a Better Place If ________

  1. Whadda ya mean these aren’t deep? This list is marvelous! I really do like this world. It puts me mind of the little town in Big Fish, except that the poet found he nothing to write about and had to leave.

  2. Ah. It’s a good one.

    I like that movie.

  3. Robyn’s right. Those are wonderful, grin-inducing thoughts, Sassy (all except for hot Sven followed by taking our minds out of the gutter, which was laugh out loud funny … hee hee).
    I’ve just had to stand for three hours on a crappy, overcrowded train and you’ve cheered me right up.

    Thank you.

  4. I just wanted to see if anyone was paying attention. I’ve been waiting for Sven to show up for years.

  5. Knudsen is a Scandinavian name. I wonder if his first name’s Sven?

  6. I covered this in a recent post Dive, you’re not going to pass my exam.

    I didn’t see any unicorns mentioned.

  7. Nope. Not into unicorns so much.

  8. Nope. Not so into unicorns.

  9. How about Hornivores?

  10. Nope. Thems and the Last Men on Earth are the ones I’m supposed to avoid.

    I’m looking for the Bachelor and the Back Rubber (Sven).

  11. Backrubber.

    That sounds funny.

  12. How about personal masseus?

  13. *giggle* Sven. *te he*

    Davidson. Flame of…. *ROFL*

  14. Personal massues sounds much nice than back rubber.

    Robyn, I’m surprised at you (just thought I would say that before anyone else did)

  15. I never said a word.

  16. Hornivores and Dives hahaha.

  17. Thanks for that vote of confidence, you old hornivore.

  18. Loved your list Sassy! Here is my addition: The world would be a better place if …. marijuana was legal.

    HeeHeeHee (cough),
    aka c-lo, master of the gemini rhyme

  19. The Hornivores and Dives represented here are dear to my heart.

    Welcome back, Smokestack. That would be a good one indeed. Stupid that it isn’t.

  20. The world would be a better place if…
    -everyone in the world got to take a two hour nap in the afternoon
    -everyone in the world had snack break at 10am for fifteen minutes
    -owned a teddy bear of their own
    -if we all lived in gated communities

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