Ice on My Window Makes Me Chilly

Ice on my storm window 2-5-2007

Greetings from a cold, yet beautiful, morning.

9 responses to “Ice on My Window Makes Me Chilly

  1. Sassy, it is 4 degrees here with the wind chill down to -15… burrrrr!

  2. That’s a gorgeous photo, Sassy.
    We’ve had minus six in Norfolk and it’s due to get colder and windier.
    Brrrr …
    Roll on spring.

  3. What an amazing photo, Sassy. I just had a look at the close up and it looked just like an oil painting.
    It’s so hard to imagine cold weather when you’re not actually in it. Tokyo’s had a really mild winter so far, and cherry blossoms have already started coming out in Ueno Park – a whole month early. :/

  4. It was cold here, too (obviously).

    I’m glad you like the photo. It doesn’t do the sight justice, but I had to capture it somehow. The crystals were just so beautiful.

  5. Yeah, they were a great band … Oh, shit! Showing my age!

  6. Hey, we’ve got the same thing: -14 with the wind chill. I had to get gas this morning and thought my face would fall off. All the schools are closed because they don’t want the little kids standing out at bus stops or walking today.

  7. Very abstract my dear sassy.

  8. robyn – did you say all the schools were closed? why… when I was a kid a walked to school when it was 50 below in just a T shirt and shorts. what’s wrong with kids today eh??

  9. At least something so cold can be beautiful as well.

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