The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

Here I consider matters personal, political, and nonsensical from my week and assign a numerical value. I’ve stolen this idea from the Boston’s Weekly Dig’s Bean Counter column.

Spineless Republicans supposedly in favor of a non-binding resolution criticizing the president’s ill-conceived surge vote against debating the measure. Minus Five

I reconnected with a friend, and it was good. Plus Four

RIP, Anna Nicole Smith, victim of stereotype and the media. She had nary a brain cell in her head, but that makes it all the more reprehensible that people reveled in her exploitation. Minus Two

A most interesting e-mail exchange with McIntriguing has me smiling a lot. Plus Five

I had to resort to platitudes to calm myself down while I waited for the e-mail to ring. Minus One

Bush’s foreign “policy” of late has me even more worried than usual. This article lays out the sheer idiocy of the Administration’s posturing on Iran. And although this article James sent me doesn’t have a lot of new information, it lays out a very convincing case for the real motivations behind our Middle East policy. Minus Five

I got to knit with Grey’s when the show was actually on. Thanks, Carissa! (If you haven’t checked out her critique of the show’s location issues and other crimes against Seattle, you should. It’s a scream.) Plus Four

I’m going to New Hampshire tonight, and I’m going to see my favorite dog. Oh, and my parents. That will be nice too. Plus Three

Plus Total: 16
Minus Total: 16

Verdict: Even
Last Week’s Total: Minus 1


14 responses to “The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

  1. Hooray! I’m a plus four.

  2. Sassy, the Guiness is calling! Can you fit me in sometime tomorrow perhaps? Perhaps I can bring my favoite dog to meet you too!

  3. Yetta, that could work! I don’t know what Mom and Dad have up their sleeves, but I’m sure I could get away for a bit. Guinness would be good. Seeing Yetta would be better.

  4. Well, I guess it could be worse. Ending up even counts for something, doesn’t it? Enjoy your visit with your favorite dog, oh, and with your parents, too.

  5. Honestly, if it wasn’t for world events, life would be pretty good.

  6. You rhymed Yetta and Betta! LOL I will email ya my home # so we can make the PLAN! I am excited, hey I get first hand McIntriguing Pants info wooo hooo!

  7. Bugger politics.
    Just you and Yetta and you Mom and Dad and various canines (and McIntriguing) have a wonderful weekend.
    And send the Guinness my way.

  8. We will toast to you Dear Dive!

  9. Yer on, Yetta.

    Thanks, Dive. I think things will be good. McIntriguing looks like a date next week. Just got another e-mail. I’m still laughing, it was so funny.

  10. Laughing is very good. So is Guinness, or so they used to claim in their ads. Have fun!

  11. Okay, I suck at math. I figured out that yes, it’s plus 16, but it’s only -13. Where are the other three points?
    = -13

  12. Hey, Sassy. I’m just checking in to see if your ill. Hope all is well.

  13. Yeah. Come on. Get your ass outta that bed right now, young lady!

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