Blerugh! Adventures with the Flu

I’m alive. I even kept down some toast, and right now I’m nibbling on some muesli. Life was not fun (or at all pretty) for a while there, but I think I’m on the mend. Three cheers for the wasting illness diet plan!

I’ll be posting again soon. I can’t let V-D go unmocked.


9 responses to “Blerugh! Adventures with the Flu

  1. I was feeling a bit punk yesterday myself Sassy. Wonder if it was the visit to Patrick’s and all those hicks! Had a great time visiting with you and I am glad you are feeling better.

  2. I wonder…

    I’m sorry you didn’t feel good, either. I was a mess.

  3. No mess here! I refuse to get sick. It seems to be working for me.

  4. I’m sorry you’ve been so sick, Sassy. Take care and recover soon!

  5. I’m feeling much better. Toast is awesome food.

    Thanks for the wishes!

  6. I just got back to work today. I was down with that horrible flu thing for 6 days. 6 days in bed and I’m still sore and run-down! Doctors should totally prescribe hallucinogens for the flu.

  7. Yeah they should, although sometimes your body makes its own hallucinogen in those cases.

    Six days! That’s too much. Ick.

  8. There is something going around. One version of the Norwalk virus, one version of flu, and one version of strep throat.

    Maybe there is a plague somewhere in there, who knows.

    I hate the hallucinogen effects of sickness. The dreams are so weird. I have no idea why anyone would want to be that way on purpose.

  9. Welcome back to the world, Sassy!
    Sorry it’s such a heap of shit, though …

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