Wintry Evening

Well, Storm of the Century it was not, but at least I’ve had my snowed-in fix for the year. I left work early to beat the ice and mayhem and planned to work at home. Instead, I made a delicious lunch of toasted Gruyere sandwich, green beans, and rosemary potatoes (oh, and a small glass of wine); called people to see if they were snowed in; and did about an hour’s worth of work over espresso. Then I watched Casablanca. My Tennessee friend chided me for this, as we are supposed to watch nothing but slasher flicks on V-D, but what can I say? The weather made me feel romantic.

Here’s what I looked at this morning, kids.

Ice 2-15-2007


9 responses to “Wintry Evening

  1. Cool Pic! Your afternoon sounds nice. Mine was equally cozy.

  2. The traditional showing of this at the Brattle was canceled due to some flooding problems.

  3. Brrr …
    Never mind all that. What’s the dirt on you and McI?
    Those of us without lives have to live ’em through others, you know.

  4. Hey, that’s what I have looked at for two days. Our schools haven’t been open since Monday, and the cupboards are bare. Stay warm.

    Oh, and espresso and Casablanca and your lovely lunch with wine sound like a perfect day.

  5. Prudence, it was divine.

    Rich, I know. I was most disappointed that I didn’t get to see it. They are showing it tonight, but I have a party.

    Dive, I have just been asked out on a date for Saturday night. We might do the musuem and then see some jazz. I might need a primer on some good terms to bandy about.

    Robyn, I’ve heard that it’s horrible out there. We got more ice than snow.

  6. Oooh. Don’t tempt me. I’ll only get you into trouble (especially if there’s a “tromboner” in the band).

  7. Dive! That’s icky.

  8. Cool photay Sassy – reminds me of the rare occasions when it would get frosty in Galway – my Granny lives down by the river and a whole section of it would crack over with razor-thin ice. We used to lift sheets of it to use as weapons in our gangfights.

    Okay, I made up that last bit.

  9. Thanks, Kav (by the way, nice straws coming out of your nose). It’s been incredibly cold here, but I do like looking at ice on my windows.

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