Hey! Someone Stole My Homework and Posted It on the Internet!

My boss forwarded these to us today. Sadly, these remind me of the snarky answers I used to give to math questions. Now I wear polyester pants and serve trans-fat fries, and my geeky friends make money by the truckload (of course, one of them is balding and already has the sports car, but who’s keeping score?).


11 responses to “Hey! Someone Stole My Homework and Posted It on the Internet!

  1. Hey! You cheated off of me. I want my elephant back!

  2. You can’t have it, Carissa. I stole the elephant. It’s mine. All mine! Whaaaaaaa.

    I love the calculus of Batman, Dive. I keep thinking about the politics of dancing for some reason.

  3. Hey, this looks like my math tests from the 9th grade. Numbers give me agita.

    I love the “find the x” sheet.

  4. These are classic, Sassy. I’ll give a favourite vote to the one with the elephant. Now that’s thinking outside the box.

  5. Note the misplaced apostrophe in the second problem!

  6. I actually used to do weird stuff like this, though not funny. I was horrible at algebra (which I was still taking in varied forms in college since I was too dumb to progress) and I would write out the problems and then circle the parts where I lost it, or where I thought I started to go wrong. It got to the point where one of my teachers would try to help, circling parts and writing in helpful hints to where I went wrong when it came to corrections.

    I also had one teacher would began to only use his red pen on the stuff I got right-needless to say there wasn’t a lot of red on my homeworks.

  7. That will be me in my excel exam
    I like your big wheels
    this is my new thumbnail.

  8. these are all very suitable for framing

  9. Dude . . . that elephant one kills me every time.

  10. Before Girl, so did I. So did I. Sigh… So glad those days are over.

    TK, that thing is nuts. Dig it.

    Rich, feel free to frame them.

    James, they kill me too.

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