Knudsen’s Muse

So enough of my dating life already. There’s something even better!

Today I was Knudsen’s muse! Just when I thought that the old man didn’t love me anymore, he picks my comment to his Fat Arse Tuesday post to write a post about Ass Wednesday. My Catholic sister would not be impressed, but I am tickled pink as a baby’s bottom.

Happy Ass Wednesday!

5 responses to “Knudsen’s Muse

  1. And you’re happy about that? Jesus, I’d be changing my locks if I were you…

  2. Happy Ass Wednesday, you loved-up little Schmoozer, you.
    I’m so glad to see you this happy!

  3. Kav, I’m delighted. He won’t show up here unless John McCain gets elected, so I’m not worried about the locks.

    Dive, Happy Ass Wednesday to you too. Don’t worry. I’m sure the happiness will pass, and I’ll be back to being a miserable little bitch soon enough.

  4. I love you in ways you can’t imagine.

  5. Oh, that just charms me, Knudsen.

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