Sassy Sundry on the Move!

Look out, Bitchin’ Somerville*, here comes Sassy Sundry. Sometimes the Universe decides that you really deserve a change and hands one to you. I was at a party last week (the one where a number of people insisted that I was younger than my twenty-nine-year-old sister), and someone I used to know asked me how I was liking my Cape Ann digs. I gave my usual reply, “Oh, I love my apartment, but it’s really, really quiet, and I’m looking for a change.”

“Interested in moving to Somerville?”

“Yeah, actually,” I said, a little surprised.

He said, “Well, I own a building in Somerville, and I have an apartment free. Do you want to take a look at it?”

Turns out the place is perfect for me. Wood floors, bay windows, a gorgeous glass door separating the living area from the dining area—charm up the whazoo. I’ll need to get a roommate for now, but that’s not the end of the world. The commute won’t be bad, especially since it’s in reverse and the place isn’t far from the highway.

I had wanted to move to Boston/Cambridge/Somerville for ages now, and I couldn’t have come up with a better deal for myself if I’d tried. So… I guess the moral of the story is that I should keep going to parties.

Off to pack!

*In the mid-nineties, there was a futon company that used to advertise their location as such. It always stuck in my head.


18 responses to “Sassy Sundry on the Move!

  1. Well good for you Sassy! I am jealous of your abilty to move around at will. I must wait for my turn but already the wheels are turning. New hardwood floor in the LR within the next couple of weeks, new hardwood in the hall and new stair treads without carpent going downstair. Gearing up with improvments so I can sell it for a better price. Then off I go in 2010-2011 I hope.

  2. Sweet. I’ve been in my current place for 3.25 years, so it’s not like I’ve moved tons, but I do like the ability to pack up and go.

  3. Slummerville. :) Are you sure all that’s worth it for now having a roommate?

    Still I wish you luck.

    I’m just grumpy and assy today.

  4. You’re allowed. The weather sucks today.

    I like Slummerville, personally. I have a deep and abiding love of the tacky. The thing is that I probably could swing it without a roommate, so if I can’t deal with it, I’ll just live there on my own.

    I just want to live someplace else. I’m really beginning to despise where I live.

  5. That’s is such great news, Sassy. How exciting. Are you up for finding a roommate?

    The lesson to learn should always be “keep going to parties.”

  6. Thanks, Robyn. I’m very excited. I think I am up for finding a roommate. I love living alone, but sometimes it’s, well, lonley. It would be nice to have someone around. I don’t think I’m going to have a problem finding someone cool.

    And yes, “always go to parties” is an excellent moral. My mother would not approve. Heh.

  7. Slummerville is great! It can be visually depressing, especially when trees are bare and there’s no green… But it’s convenient, fun, has plenty of great pubs and music venues…

    The last apartment I had on my own was a wee one-bedroom in Union Square. A five second walk to the Tir Na Nog (now closed or closing, sadly), and a short walk to any one of a number of other great places. I LOVED it there. Loved living on my own, too. I heartily recommend it.

  8. Gah! Bloggered again!

    Tir Na Nog will be missed, won’t it?

    This place has a little back yard area, so I am thinking that I’d like to do something with it.

  9. i’m jazzed for you too! I dig Sommerville. How far is the drive to HP?

  10. I’m not sure with traffic, but it took me twenty minutes to reach the exit last night.

  11. Where the hell is Sommerville?

  12. It’s near Boston and Cambridge. Basically, I’m moving to the big city.

  13. Bock the Robber

    Well, that’s kind of a go-with-the-flow moment isn’t it? You have to think it’s meant to be. And all that shit.

  14. Dive-some fun facts about Somerville, in addition to where it is. It used to be where a lot of immigrants lived, mostly Italian-Americans. It was a lot of tall houses with two or three floors than apartments, and though that’s more or less the same, they are more run down looking than they used to be. The tall houses used to be owned by one person, but now are broken up into three apartment type residences (I want to say they resemble English flats but I’m not sure). The thing is the houses are really close together, but they sometimes had and still have backyards for gardens, surrounded by tall wooden fences. The place was quite popular to live in, then as the older folks died, it turned into a sort of disreputable place. In the past ten years or so it’s been sort of rejuvenated by the 20/30 something crowds, rennovated, and gentrified.

    Somerville also has the most sub shops per capita in the United States, I think as well.

  15. Yes, Bock, it was. And I took it.

    This place has a yard, Before Girl. I don’t have a yard now. It is a bit of a run down neighborhood, but it seems safe.

  16. Sassy,

    You’ll be right up the street from me! We’ll have to go out to some really sleazy local bar for drinks. Or better yet, my place!

  17. There’s a proper dive right around the corner (sorry, Dive, didn’t mean you).

  18. The destination of this train is… Porter Square

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