Last night I crawled up into my loft and started packing up my books. I always start a move by packing up my books. In part I do this because books are easy, but since they also mean home to me, packing them convinces me that I really am leaving a place.

Right before I took the first book off the shelf, I sat on one of the red Indian print floor pillows and looked around the loft. The light was warm, and the floors were dark and a bit dusty. Chock full of books, the low shelves framed the window. My jade plant was perched on its plant stand, surrounded by two aloe plants, one of them spilling over the pot and tumbling onto the floor. I need to repot that poor plant, but I like the way it winds around the stand.

I took a deep breath and for one last moment was in my home. Then I picked up a book and put it in the box.


10 responses to “Packing

  1. I suspect you aren’t having second thoughts, but it sounds like you’ll be just a little sad to leave. I hope you’re excited about making the new place home. I bet your plants will love the new place.

  2. Moving always sucks, Sassy.
    But you’ll soon be unpacking and rearranging and starting over.
    New home. New man.
    Lucky Sassy!

  3. Hey Sassy. I pack the books first too. But I have to say it’s because I’m a wee bit OCD and like to start the move off with things packed neatly and categorically…

  4. A new chapter Sassy in your book of life..

  5. It’s okay to mourn a little.

    Oh, and a moving tip: use your bedsheets to wrap fragile things in so you can use less newspaper.

  6. nicely told Sas. A meaningful post that rings truer each time you read it.

  7. Thanks, everyone.

    Robyn, I’m not having second thoughts. I got the keys last night and almost wept with happiness.

    Moving totally sucks, Dive. But I’m happy to be doing it. I wouldn’t say that I *have* a new man yet, but I am having fun.

    Vic, you’d had the way I move, then. I have a weird memory for where stuff is, so I don’t worry that much about having it organized categorically.

    Yes, Prudence. Time to move on.

    Thanks, James. I’m glad you liked it.

  8. The Hangar Queen

    A lovely end to this chapter but it sounds like you were ready to turn the page.

  9. More than ready, HQ. More than ready. Still, it’s sad, and I’ve been feeling a bit melancholy for the last couple of days.

  10. The Destination of this train is:
    somewhere between Porter and Davis Squares

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