Shakin’ the Dust

See you soon! I’m shakin’ off the dust of this one-horse town and moving to the city.


9 responses to “Shakin’ the Dust

  1. Whoo!
    Go, girl!
    We’ll all be thinking of you on Sunday, hoping the move goes without a hitch.
    God, I love fresh starts. With your new man and your new home, you’re giving me itchy feet.
    Happy Sassy. I like that.

  2. The Swearing Lady

    You too?

    Deadly, la. Good luck.

  3. Cool.
    Go to it!

  4. I’m so excited for you, Sassy, and this picture is just perfect for the move.

  5. Hooray! Peace out po-dunkville.

  6. Go Gurl, as they say.

  7. Remember not to kill anyone.

  8. The destination of this big wheel is… Somerville?

  9. Thanks, everyone!

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