The McJackass of Grey’s Anatomy

Let’s talk about the McJackass that is Derek Shepherd. I mean, seriously. What is he thinking treating Meredith this way?

To wit: Meredith is the woman who forgave him for forgetting to mention that he had, a, I don’t know, um, WIFE, and then for choosing said wife over her. She said, “Pick me” for crapssake! Then, when Derek was free, Meredith walked away from a good thing with Finn, only to have McJackass waffle over being with her. It’s only when she was nearly in the arms of McSteamy that he came to his senses.

THEN… Meredith’s nightmare of a mother comes to her senses for a day and says horrible things to Meredith. This leads to Meredith nearly drowning, because who wants to live in a world where your own mother doesn’t love you?

THEN… “Miraculously” (OK, ridiculously—I’ve already talked about how that whole triad of episodes crossed the International Cheese Line) Meredith comes back from the great operating room in the sky, and her nightmare mother is dead. And Derek takes this and makes it all about him and his nastiness with McSteamy. When it looks like he won’t be made chief because of Meredith, McJackass starts to think that he shouldn’t be with her.

THEN… Meredith’s fake mother dies, and Meredith’s father, the guy she was just beginning to know, blames her. He not only slaps her in the face after she tearfully tells him the news, but he also comes back before the funeral to tell her off again. Who’s this about? McJackass of course. He’s all upset that Meredith won’t leap into his arms and tell him all her problems. He’s so ego driven that all it takes is one slutty girl to come onto him in a bar, and he’s all ready to jump McShip.


Meredith should get it on with McSteamy just to put McJackass in his place. He doesn’t deserve her.

If I had my way, that’s how the season would end.

11 responses to “The McJackass of Grey’s Anatomy

  1. Wow. I only watched the first season of Grey’s Anatomy and then lost interest.I worked in a hospital for years and it always amazes me that these shows are so off base on how it really is. I don’t know what I expect, though…like I am going to see doctor’s practicing medicine and having boring meetings all day? Not a real ratings grabber… I always liked Meredith, though. And, I never much liked McDreamy. He seemed kind of smirky to me. The last time I checked in, she was dating a vet. Was that Finn? Because I kind of liked him…

    And isn’t it strange? Here, I haven’t watched the show in years and I can just pick up with character talk…:)

    I’m a nut over Lost. And Heroes…

  2. Well now in all fairness Meredith can be such an almighty whiner if her Da hadn’t slapped her I might have done myself – well maybe not just now because it is a little inappropriate what with everyone dying all around her and blaming her. Anyways McDreamy could yet come good – he didn’t run off with McSlutty at the bar so there is hope yet. I was far more upset at the rubbish spin off episode – ‘I am going to kiss you now with tongue’ – arghhhhhhhhhh

  3. Let’s talk about the McJackass that is Derek Shepherd. I mean, seriously. What is he thinking treating Meredith this way?

    We all know that really, the only way you can get away with treating people like shit is if you’re totally hot and brilliant and witty like Dr. House, so there’s really no point with anyone else bothering.

  4. Flirty Something

    Sassy, you need to warn us if you are going to post re Grey’s as Ireland is a season behind!!

  5. Seriously! I think it’s actually getting a little old, this waffling bit with McJackass. Enough already.

    And House is the hottest and most brilliant and wittiest.

  6. Ah. You’re talking about some kind of television programme are you?
    Er … why?

  7. Dear Prudence

    Amen on HOUSE! I would take him over McDreamy, Steamy or whoever. He is so irreverently real it makes me giggle!

  8. Flirty – You’re a whole season behind? My vote is that this summer, you should got to and catch up.

    Sassy – I’m sending you my crazy predictions for tonight.

  9. Welcome, Maria! The thing with Grey’s is that it’s a total soap opera, so of course you can just jump back in. It’s not about the doctoring, it’s about the elevator. Yes, it was Finn (McVet) she dumped for McJackass.

    Isn’t the phrase, “kissing with tongue” just disgusting, Conortje? Isn’t that what kissing is anyway? I have no hope for the spinoff, but I do hope that McJackass gets his head out of his jackass and starts treating Meredith better.

    Fat Sparrow, I don’t have TV (I watch Grey’s at a friend’s house or online), so I haven’t seen House. I really like that actor, though, so perhaps I’ll check it out.

    Sorry about the spoiler, Flirty! I think, though, you can catch up online. It’s a bit confusing, but if you do a search for Grey’s Anatomy, you can get to ABC’s web site and then go from there.

    Robyn, agreed. It’s time for him to get it together.

    Dive, yes, this is about a total soap opera. Kudos for not knowing what we’re talking about.

    Prudence, McSteamy makes me weak in the knees.

  10. Dear Prudence

    Sassy, I have finally posted. Bring a cup of coffee it’s a long one!

  11. Sassy, I hope I got this right.
    I read you post all at once very quickly and didn’t use any of the punctuation. That’s how most people talk when trying to explain what is going on in any soap.

    If soaps are so good at depicting reality, how come the “real life” characters never talk about what they watched last night?

    Nearly finished Slaughterhouse 5 by the way. Big Bro bought me a copy. Hard to put down and very different to my reading material of late.

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