The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

It’s Friday again? This week flew by for me. Here’s my numerical tally of things political, personal, and nonsensical. I stole the idea from Boston’s Weekly Dig. Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Here are the week’s Sassy Sundries (WARNING: This post contains a Grey’s spoiler):

You know you’re in the midst of strange days when John Ashcroft comes off looking like a defender of liberty. Testimony from the former deputy attorney general reveals that Alberto Gonzales attempted to take advantage of the gravely ill Ashcroft back in 2004 to authorize the illegal domestic wire tapping program. Who know where this will end up, but these revelations have caused more Republican senators to call for Gonzales to resign. Plus Three

Holy McCrap! Grey’s season finale might not have had dead bodies, but it still unfolded in a most Shakespearian fashion. Poor Christina. Loses her eyebrows and her man. And George. Poor, poor George. WTF about Callie getting chief resident? Oh, and Meredith’s half-sister is the McSlut (thanks, Conortje) who hit on McDreamy (OK, I’ll back off a bit from McJackass—he’s still self-absorbed, but at least he still loves Mer)? I thought last season ended “dramatically.” Now we have to wait how long to find out what happens? Even

I’m not going to assign points for the death of the racist, homophobic, sexist, intolerant, and generally reprehensible Jerry Falwell, but I will assign points for some excellent coverage of his demise. This article from nearly made me wee. For more serious coverage on Falwell’s racist past, see this article from the Nation. I’ve written a bit about the role of race in the rise of the religious right and the Republican party too. Plus Five

This week marked the one-month anniversary of my effing leg injury. My effing leg is much, much better, but I’m still among the walking wounded. Minus Two

Bye bye, Sugar Daddy. Wolfowitz resigned as president of the World Bank. He manages to get some concessions from the executive board (it’s such a wretched institution that I’m not surprised), but he’s outta there. Plus Three

So things with McI are going well, but I need to figure out how to talk to him about what we’re doing. I suck at this. I’m terrified. I was going to talk to him on Tuesday, but the poor guy is sick (for real—I’ve talked to him). The healthy part of me is fairly certain that this will go just fine, but the uncertainty has me in a bit of a tizzy. Minus Two

Total Plus: 13
Total Minus: 4

Last Time’s Total: Plus 7

7 responses to “The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

  1. There was a lot to rank plus or minus this week. Of course I recognize that Grey’s falls in the “insignificant” category when considering world events, but I’m still a little shocked.

  2. Crazy week, eh? Cupcakes was a nice way to end it though. :-)

  3. Well…I think I have been blog hopping WAY too much tonight. I was sitting here calmly reading your blog about John Ashcroft and I thought to myself,”What the fuck is WIFE TAPPING?”

    I read it again and realized it was…um…WIRE TAPPING, of course…

    Now, slowly slinking away….

  4. TAG! you’re it. You’ve been tagged on my blog

  5. Robyn, it was a shocking episode. I mean, I’m glad that Christina and Burke didn’t get married, but still… Poor, poor George.

    Cupcakes was a lovely way to end it. I just wish you weren’t leaving.

    Maria, I do that all the time. Wife tapping sounds like a punishment the Puritans would have been into.

    OK, Carissa. I’ll do the tag. But not just yet.

  6. Just finished watching Grey’s and just knew you’d have something to say about it. What a great episode. It was called ‘Didn’t we almost have it all’ and what an apt name that was. None of the characters got their happy ending and I loved that. Nothing makes me happier than a spot of misery :-) Classic Grey’s – I loved it.

  7. It was a great name, Conortje. Except that now I have Whitney Houston singing in my head.

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