The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

Happy Friday! It’s a holiday weekend here, and I’m off soon to frolic in the hot sunny weather. Before I do that, I thought that I’d bestow upon you my review of the week.

Behold! The Sassy Sundries:

Thirty years ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars debuted in US theaters. Ah, the memories of light saber tag with flashlights in the backyard… Star Wars is the first movie I remember seeing in the theater. I went running down the aisle at the end of the movie to have a chat with Luke Skywalker. Although the prequels nearly ruined the original trilogy for me (if you want to read a hilarious, if slightly blasphemous review of the last Star Wars movie, check out this old New Yorker review), I still have a deep and abiding love for Star Wars. On this day, May the Force Be with You. Plus Five

So the American people elected a Democratic majority to Congress to express their displeasure with the Iraq War. Initially the Democrats flexed their muscles and voted for timetables. But when the president, his approval ratings in the proverbial toilet, stamps his feet and demands that he be given supreme authority, Congress caves. I’m disgusted. Minus Five

Got together with a friend from the Week of Wrecked plans, and it was fun. Went a long way toward making me feel like less of a pariah. Plus Five

So Frist is going to replace Wolfowitz at the World Bank? The former Senate Majority Leader who insisted that poor Terri Schiavo’s brain was fully functioning and who wasted valuable legislative time grandstanding on a “life” issue? Doesn’t running an international organization require a functioning brain? Minus Two

Carissa, my dear friend and former coworker is leaving for Seattle. I will miss her. Minus Five

Monica Goodling’s testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee casts further doubt on Gonzales’s leadership. Goodling testified that she screened candidates improperly for their neocon credentials and that she might have been coached by Gonzales before being called before the committee. Despite all the mounting and damning testimony surrounding Gonzales, I think he’s going to stay in power, because that’s what this administration does. Minus Three

In the words of Rod Stewart, tonight’s the night for my big chat with McI. I don’t think I could have asked for better weather for an outdoor celebration of the start of Memorial Day Weekend. Any and all good vibes would be appreciated. Oh, I don’t know how to rank this

Total Plus: 10
Total Minus: 15


Last Week’s total: +9


14 responses to “The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

  1. The Hangar Queen

    Massive good vibes being sent as I type.
    May The Force Be With You

  2. good luck with the chat–minus five isn’t so good, but it’s not terrible. How’s that for optimism.

  3. Dear Prudence

    Have a great one Sassy. Ps I still wouldnt’ have that chat just yet, but that is me. I will good vibe ya still! VIIIIIBBBBBEEEE OOOOOMMMMMMMM hope it works

  4. Bing is so nuts about Star Wars that she actually has a teapot in the shape of those weird horses that the good guys trot around on. She would know the name of those horses…I only know that she refuses to use the teapot (THANK GOD…I DO NOT WANT THAT THING IN MY KITCHEN!). She also has a collection of Star Wars stuff in our basement that she swears will make me a rich woman if she dies first and I sell it in 30 years.

    Good luck on the talk….

    Gonzales and Frist…..what a world, what a world….

  5. The Force is strong with you Sassy, good luck with McI and have a good Memorial Day weekend.

    In The Empire Strikes Back the weird horses on the snow planet Hoth were called Tauntauns. I hate myself for knowing but the Star Wars films rule. (except for that twat Jar-Jar Binks).

    Oh, and a message from Yoda to GWB jr – “wars do not make one great”.

  6. Now I’m stuck with the image of you dressed in a sheet with stupid Princess Leia ear-buns.

  7. A friend of mine watched Star Wars so many times that she actually memorized the entire dialog. I had chicken pox when I was 15 and she came over to hang out with me when I was sick. The movie came on and I thought I was going to climb the walls when she started reciting the dialog right along with them. I love my friend. :)

  8. 30 frickin’ years!?!?!?

    Christ, I’m getting old. I’m gonna go drink and cheer myself up…

  9. …or have a good cry.

  10. Hope the thing with McI has gone well mate, and that you’ve had a good weekend all round!

  11. They really missed an opportunity by not releasing Star Wars on May 4th.

    Good luck, hope it went/is going well.

  12. Flirty Something

    sorry is it too late for good vibes?

  13. Er… mm… Sassy, how did it go with the ‘chat’? Hope you’ve been on a shagfest since.

  14. Thanks, everyone. I’ve posted about the chat that wasn’t.

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