The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

Well here we are again—another lovely Friday. It’s time once again for me to tally up the events of my week. If you’ve never checked out Boston’s Weekly Dig before, you should. There’s a link on my sidebar. I’ve copied their Bean Counter column.

Here are the week’s Sassy Sundries:

It was forty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play. This was one of my favorite records as a little girl. I scratched it beyond recognition, having learned how to use the record player almost before I could walk. I would stare at the cover for hours, making up names for all the famous people on the cover (I always knew who John, Paul, George, and Ringo were, though). Enjoy the show! Plus Five

Amazing weather (for once) on a long holiday weekend. Emerged on Tuesday relaxed and happy, instead of bleary eyed and pukey. Plus Four

May marks one of the deadliest months in Iraq. The administration keeps saying the name “David Petraeus” over and over again in an attempt to pull a Jedi mind trick over on the American people. Minus Five

I miss having Grey’s to look forward to on Thursdays. Perhaps I’ll start going to the Institute of Contemporary Art’s free evenings instead. Even

In the news of the truly bizarre, the Creation Museum has opened to throngs of illiterate fundamentalists. In this museum, dinosaurs (all vegetarians!) are shown cavorting about with Adam and Eve, both celebrating their creation on the sixth day. The Grand Canyon? Formed by Noah’s flood. Science? The work of Satan. Minus Three

My effing leg’s on the mend. Last night I went to dinner in Chinatown and had me a fun walk about before picking up a book of Alice Munro stories and heading home. I realized on the way home that it wasn’t hurting me to walk. I smiled. Plus Ten

Video of kidnapped BBC reporter Alan Johnston surfaces. The video was undated, and there has been no other sign of him since he was kidnapped in Gaza, but this is something.Plus Three

Feeling better about the whole McI situation. I’m pleased with myself for waiting for the right moment to have “the chat.” Plus Three

Idiot boards planes with a virulent, drug-resistant form of tuberculosis, endangering the lives of hundreds. I don’t know about you, but his pleas for forgiveness would be falling on my deaf ears, had he been sitting next to me. Minus Three

Total Plus: 25
Total Minus: 11


Last Week’s Total: -5

13 responses to “The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

  1. Dear Prudence

    I watched his (TB Guy)interview this morning. He was advised that “We would prefer you not go to your wedding” and then admitted they were only saying it to cover their ass, but was never told he could not go. No one (CDC) knew exactly how resistant this strain was until he was already in Italy. Only then they (CDC) told him they didn’t know how they could help him get home but Colorado was the only real hope for his survival. He has been negative all along and do you think his new Pop’s- in- law would have flown with him (he works for the CDC on TB) if he had been contagious? Doubtful. This the Gov. covering it’s ass.. that is all!

  2. Adam and Eve were the Ken and Barbie of their day…

  3. Idiot boards planes with a virulent, drug-resistant form of tuberculosis, endangering the lives of hundreds. I don’t know about you, but his pleas for forgiveness would be falling on my deaf ears, had he been sitting next to me.

    He’s a personal injury attorney; you can’t expect him to have a conscience or morals.

    And am I the only one that finds it strange that this young, apparently healthy lawyer has picked up a strain of TB that is normally associated with AIDS patients? Honeymoon, shmoneymoon, he’s been on the down-low. No wonder his father-in-law turned him in.

  4. @ fat sparrow – not trying to defend the guy, but I had heard he did a lot of fund-raising in places like China. Probably just a cover story for getting cheap Chinese prostitutes though :)

    As for the creationists – may heaven help them. They are a scary lot indeed.

  5. A spookily good week, Sassy. Nice one!
    Though only minus three for the fuckwit museum?

  6. I had not heard about the movie Once, but I’ll look into it, although right now we’re in the middle of the Seattle International Film Festival, so I may have to rent it later.

  7. Mark said — “Probably just a cover story for getting cheap Chinese prostitutes though

    Exactly. And if we can’t spread scurrilous stories about personal injury attorneys, who can we spread them about?

  8. What’s even stranger is that his father in law woeks for the CDC researching TB and other diseases. I kept thinking germ warfare as in “12 Monkeys.” Are they religious fanatics?

  9. Good news about your leg, mate. And good to heaqr that you’re happy with the McI situation.

    Cheers and hope this one goes well, too!

  10. Well the total for the week is good. At least compared to last week. I think you could slide into next week with style.

  11. I still can’t believe that this guy actually GOT ON A PLANE. I mean, even the most stupid of doctors should have known to ban all travel.

    And that Creation Museum sounds more like a fantasy for the rest of my very religious family. In fact, I am STUNNED that none of my sisters has sent me stuff on it.

    Isn’t it wonderful when you get so used to pain and then suddenly realize that it is GONE!!!??

  12. Prudence, I think getting on a plane with TB is a mistake, whether it’s a nasty strain or no. I mean, if you can give someone your cold, don’t you think you could give someone a life-threatening illness? He didn’t know who he’d be sitting near.

    Kim, didn’t those statues look like dark-haired Barbie and Ken dolls? Eve had some serious knockers under that hair.

    Fat Sparrow, you weren’t alone. At least he’ll be able to defend himself?

    Mark, he just cashed in ALL of his good karma, and he’s in the serious bad category.

    Dive, what can I say? I was in a good mood.

    Proxima, do see the movie. It’s wonderful.

    Medbh, that would make for an interesting connection with the Creation museum.

    Cheers, Vic. How are your new digs?

    Zirelda, I’m still feeling good, so all’s well.

    Maria, I’m surprised my parents didn’t mention the place yesterday when I saw them. Yes, no pain in my leg has given me great joy. Woo hoo!

  13. Dear Prudence

    Sassy, he was told by the CDC he was not contagious 3x’s during their discussions of him attending his wedding. The person they were speaking to admited he was only telling him “we prefer you not go” just to cover their ass. It is funny how easily people think that there are so many conspiracies when relating to GWB but no one can think the CDC is now covering their ass.. come on.

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