This Blog May Be Moving

I am toying with the idea of moving this bloggy thingy over to WordPress. If anyone using WordPress has any advice and would be willing to share it with me, I’d be very appreciative.


14 responses to “This Blog May Be Moving

  1. Ah! No! Traitor!

    Speaking as a commenter, WordPress is a pain in the hole for commenters. Sure, it may be easier for the person blogging, but I haven’t seen any WordPress blogs where you can preview your comments, etc. As a commenter, you also cannot delete your comment. Plus, you have to enter in all of your info to comment, if you’re not a WordPress user, and if you share a computer with other people, that means typing in all that info each time, and WordPress remembers the info of the last person on your computer to sign in to WordPress, whether it was for that blog or not, and then there’s always the chance that you didn’t double-check it, and accidentally published a comment under your daughter’s ID, say, and then you have to e-mail the Administrator of the blog, and explain that no matter what the ID name said, you do not have an alter-ego that is in love with Luke Skywalker, that is your daughter, yada yada yada. Blogger doesn’t do that. When you click out, your ID is gone.

    *takes a deep breath*

    Basically, Blogger is much more user-friendly for commenters, I think.

  2. I’ve only known one person who used word press and he thought it was okay, I think..but commented that it wasn’t the great shakes he thought it would be.

  3. I agree with Fat Sparrow about commenting…it’s annoying on WordPress.

  4. I visit a WordPress blogger who seems to like it better then Blogger and I don’t have any problem commenting with my info filled in on her site.

    Not-faint-hearted at

    Maybe she can provide you with some feedback.


  5. When Kav moved I cried but if ya aren’t into a flashy blog then its fine.

    See what I did there? I’m so smart sometimes.

  6. In one of those ironic twists of fate that life is always fond of stabbing me with, since I have slagged off WordPress, both Kav’s and Conortje’s blogs (both WordPress) are not letting me comment at the moment. Go figure.

  7. Don’t you dare.

  8. Well I’m on wordpress and we’re getting on great together but it’s been my one and only. Having said that I have just read Fat Sparrow’s comment above and now am distraught.
    What are the reasons for you thinking of changing?

  9. Fat Sparrow and Terroni, you’ve given me something to think about. I certainly don’t want to make it hard to comment. Oddly enough, I have a much harder time with Blogger comments, which was one of the reasons why I had been thinking of switching. That and the additional options.

    Maria, I have been having a hard time getting some of the flashier things to work, so maybe your friend encountered the same troubles?

    Knudsen, I never doubted your smarts for an instant. Everything I know I learned from you.

    Dive, duly noted. I’d hate to disappoint you.

    Conortje, I really like the way WordPress blogs look. It seems to be easier to customize them, and I like all of the options.

  10. Flirty Something

    I’ve been moving for the last month and to be honest it is a pain. Thankfully someone is giving me a dig out but is still really complicated. Think very carefully, why are you really moving and what are the benefits?

  11. Why would you move?

  12. I like WP – it is very customizable with all the plugins. I also write two commercial blogs and it seems a lot more SEO friendly.

    That said, it can be a pain sometimes. Like this weekend when I went to upgrade to 2.2 and my host had to allocate more memory to one blog (due to plugins), and a careless upload command by a very tired me crashed the other blog. Anyway, that’s why you back-up your files, right?

  13. don’t do it!!! you’ll never be the same again.

  14. I’ve used wordpress and am now returning to blogspot. It’s just a better site – stick with what you have!

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