The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

Ah… A Friday off. Of course, it’s for a family wedding, which means one thing for this single woman in her thirties.

With that in mind, here are the week’s Sassy Sundries (WARNING: Grey’s news ahead):

Today I will be Bridget Jones, my spinsterhood on display as a cautionary tale. Everyone will ask me (or worse, my mother) what happened. You are such a pretty girl, Sassy. Why has no one scooped you up? (Answer: Why, RandomBusybodyRelative, that would put a real dent in my orgy schedule, now wouldn’t it?) I’m sure I’ll hear Lesbian staged whispered more than once (Answer: Oh, Auntie Homophobe, we’re in Massachusetts. If I were a lesbian, my sweet, loving wife would be right here at my side in this Catholic church! ) Someone is almost certain to try to fix me up.Sassy, I have a young man I’d like you to meet. Well, he isn’t so young anymore, and he’s fat and doesn’t have all of his own teeth, but he isn’t afraid of a single, educated working girl like you. Why don’t I introduce you? (Answer: Well, there is no answer. I’ll probably wind up meeting the feller and smiling wanly at his jokes in the name of politeness.) While I wish that everyone would just leave me alone, I suppose all this concern is my family’s way of saying that they love me and want to see me happy. Sigh… Minus Three

Speaking of Auntie Homophobe, she’s pissed, and I’m pleased as punch. The Massachusetts legislature refused to put discrimination to a vote. Gay marriage will stand in Massachusetts for the foreseeable future. Deval Patrick actually did something right in getting behind this fight. Plus Five

James K. Seale, a former member of the KKK, was convicted in the 1964 murder of two black teenagers. He got to live almost his entire life as a free man, but justice has finally been served in this Civil Rights era case. Plus Four

Realized that I have better options now than I did when I was dating McArtsyPants. Plus Five

Republicans in the Senate rally to support an Attorney General who takes advantage of the sick and possibly dying to reauthorize an illegal wire-tapping program. Yeah, they are the party of morals. Disgusting. Minus Two

I had a fantastic weekend last weekend. Great date, great visit from a friend, creepy conversation with Lawnmoah Man, what more can anyone ask for? Plus Ten

It’s looking more and more like Scooter Libby will really go to the clink. Too bad he needs a pardon from W to avoid it. If it were up to the Republicans in Congress, he’d probably get it. Plus Two

Bye, bye, Dr. Burke. Isaiah Washington’s big mouth and volatile temper get him canned from Grey’s. It’s not exactly shocking news, but there it is. I can’t say as I’m sorry. He did cajole Christina into getting her eyebrows removed, only to jilt her at the altar. Even

The Red Sox are in a slump. Still, they are 7.5 games ahead of the evil Yankees. Minus Two

Total Plus: 25
Total Minus: 7


Last Week’s Total: -4

18 responses to “The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

  1. Yay for a far better week than last.

    I went to the wedding you describe last summer. From a single lady deep in the thirties pool, these gatherings suck. I’ve embraced the spinsterhood [hello commitment issues] but it still is irritating to have the whole family look at you with that sad ‘Oh, poor thing, she never found someone to validate her worth’ look on their faces.

    Have a superfantastic day off! I’m playing hookey too before I fly away tonight.

  2. Nice. A better week but a family wedding….

    Glad the total is up.

  3. “The Massachusetts legislature refused to put discrimination to a vote. Gay marriage will stand in Massachusetts for the foreseeable future.” What they actually did was refuse to hear the PEOPLE~ and but it on a ballot for the PEOPLE to vote on it.. There were 171k signatures to put this to a vote. I feel the same way about this issue as the immigration issue… all these pompous fuckers think they are speaking for the PEOPLE.. but it on a special vote..lets see where the real PEOPLE are on these matters.. but nooooo that might fuck up their campaign contributions!

    Yes Scooter get his just deserts.. How about Sandy Burglar? He got a freaking slap on the wrist for stealing confidential/top secret documents to again cover Bill Clintons ass on Iraq…yep it is the Republicans that are scum.

  4. OK, SOMETHING ABOUT PUT AND BUT… doesn’t seem quite right..

  5. Glad you’ve had a good week, Sassy. Don’t let the bastards get you down about being single. There are LOTS of miserable married women out there who envy you your freedom. Gloat about that with them.

  6. Hey, you’re in the black this week. You recognize that your meddling family loves you, but you gave that entry a minus 3. At least you know you are loved.

    Amazing that we are still prosecuting villains from the 60s. I would like to think we would have taken care of them years ago–like in the 60s.

  7. OH, and Pru. I agree with you–regardless of where you stand on an issue, government for the people by the people sometimes gets set aside–we like that when our side wins and we protest that when it doesn’t.

  8. I thought you meant Greys as in aliens, I am so let doon. Is it not about time that show was cancelled?

  9. Bock the Robber

    Do you think Cheney will follow Scooter into the slammer?

  10. Your wedding comments made me laugh. When I go to weddings (Bing avoids them like the plague), it is just the opposite. People fall over themselves trying so damn hard NOT to ask me anything about my personal life for fear that I may blurt out unmentionable things about my lesbian sex toys or randy girl on girl sex life. And they all gush on and on about what a well adjusted normal child Liv is, as if being raised by two women was akin to being raised by monkeys.

    And politically, it is so refreshing to find someone who is on my side of the fence. I seem to seldom run into them.

    The only thing I really like about weddings are those delicious pastel mints….oh, god…so good.

  11. I’m with you Sassy. Discrimination is shit! Gays are about 10% of the population, so straight people are going to have to support marriage equality too in order to end this asinine bigotry.

    Of course, when I say that here in the Midwest, every one is convinced that I’m gay. Then I have to explain that not all educated women who support civil rights and can hold their own in a conversation are lesbians. Again, this confuses them. It’s all very exhausting.

  12. That family wedding atmosphere seems to follow me around..

    Single women in their thirties – the world’s best negotiators of tricky situations..

  13. It never ceases to amaze me. The people who are MOST pissed about gay marriage are the very people it affects the VERY LEAST.

    Dear Prudence – if the PEOPLE had been allowd to vote on civil rights, we’d still be living under segregation. The People should NEVER have a vote to restrict the rights of a minority. Ever.

  14. Andraste speaks the truth!

  15. Congrats on having such a big plus the week, mate. Good stuff!

  16. Good week, Sassy. Nice.
    I get the same crap at weddings, except they don’t accuse me of being a lesbian. I tend to get introduced to “X”s daughter/sister who invariably has “a lovely personality”. That phrase is now used in our family as a euphemism for fat and ugly and definitely in NEED of a lovely personality. Hey ho.

  17. Thanks, Fresh. I decided that I wasn’t going to let my family make me feel like crap, so I wound up having a good time. I did have a great day off.

    Zirelda, it was a good week.

    Prudence, thing is, the Bush administration is one of the most corrupt in history, a fact that even Republicans are beginning to acknowlege. And voting to curtail an entire group’s rights is just not American.

    Thanks, Medbh. I didn’t let them get me down.

    Robyn, my family does indeed love me, but judgment is judgment, and it is hostile. I chose not to buy into it, though, and I had a good time. As for voting to curtail the rights of gays, I don’t think that you vote on civil rights issues. Otherwise, African-Americans would still be slaves.

    Sorry to disappoint you, Old Man. I love the show, but I do wonder how they are going to get out of this pickle.

    Bock, I can only hope that Cheney and Rove follow suit, but I doubt it.

    Maria, that’s hilarious. I should start talking about my sex life. That would work. I used a different tactic, and it worked too. But I will keep this in mind for really tricky situations. And as for the politics, proud to be on your side.

    Terroni, isn’t it hilarious what people think about independent, educated women? We really haven’t come all that far, Baby, but I still have hope.

    Welcome back, Kimba! Thanks for the link (will recriprocate)! I did negotiate it nicely, thank you.

    Hear, Hear, Andraste! You do speak the truth!

    Thanks, Vic. Hope you are feeling better.

    Oh, Dive, that’s horrible. I managed to dodge the whole meet the fat slob this time, but I definitely hear you.

  18. A good week, Sass! Congrats!

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