The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

Phew! That was a week. Well, it’s time to return to the Sassy Sundries, my on-again, off-again weekly tally of events personal, political, and nonsensical. It’s a stolen idea, and I’d point you to the Dig’s web site, but they are going all Office Space on it right now. One hopes that the new incarnation will load faster and bear no resemblance to their ghastly new glossy covers.

Without further ado, here are the week’s Sassy Sundries:

WTF!!?? W, who as governor of Texas wouldn’t commute the death sentence of a man whose public defender SLEPT through his trial, and who supported the execution of the mentally retarded, and in some cases, the innocent (exculpatory evidence be damned!) thinks that a few years in the clink for a guy who lied about a matter of, I don’t know, national security, is too much? I wish that the brazenness of this Administration still shocked me, but it doesn’t. Minus Five

It’s W’s birthday today—an insult to good Cancer folk everywhere. The New Yorker has several illustrations for your enjoyment. I remember hearing somewhere that Morrissey sends the Queen dead vegetables on her birthday. Perhaps we need a similar tradition here. In any event, I’d like to wish W a very unhappy birthday. Minus Two

Anyone who has been reading this bloggy thing knows that my personal life has been one big, scary rollercoaster of late. I’m hanging on. You all have my gratitude for your support. Even for situation/Plus Ten for friendship

It looks like Rupert Murdoch will get his hands on the Wall Street Journal. The paper’s conservative editorial page is about to go fascist. Aren’t free-market conservatives supposed to resist monopolies? Here’s to hoping that something will intervene to stop the deal. Minus Four

BBC reporter Alan Johnson freed. World rejoices. Plus Five

It’s been twenty years since the Beastie Boys released License to Ill. I don’t think I can stay awake until Brooklyn anymore. But I’m still crafty. Even

OK, this is overdue, but the Roberts Court ended its disastrous first term, overturning precedent after precedent with Orwellian glee (racial integration is racist!). W has a legacy after all. Help us. Minus Five

Attempted suicide bombings in the UK set everyone on edge. Minus Five

Fourth of July a bit of a snoozeroo with the miserable weather and all. The big excitement came from being able to watch the Boston fireworks in bed. Plus Two

Thought I lost my all-time favorite travel mug. I found it sitting on the kitchen table and laughing at me. Not having to give up my attachment fills me with relief, but I have much to think about with new mantras from blog pals. Plus Ten

Total Plus: 27
Total Minus: 21

Last Time’s Total: + 18

11 responses to “The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

  1. Hoorah for your mug, Sassy!

    Oh, and the crappy bombers only seem to set the US press on edge. Over here we just ignore them … except the lovely Glaswegian airport worker who decked one of them, shouting “This is Glasgee! We’ll have aboot ye!”
    Knudsen would be proud.

  2. That’s one of the many reasons that I love Morrissey, Sassy. The man is all about symbolism.

    U.S. politics is a horror show as you point out. How about Cheney )aka Darth Vader) declaring he’s not part of the executive branch? He’s his own damn government.

    Glad you found your treasured mug.

  3. W is a Cancer? Oh the shame!

    On the plus side, watching fireworks in bed would absolutely Rock!

  4. I’m still trying to figure out how this week came out on top with a positive.

    Yeah fave mug and friendship at any rate!


  5. I was wondering how this week got a positive tally as well. I’ll trust your math, but it seems all around like a crap week. At least you got your mug back.

  6. Around My Kitchen Table

    Whenever some fundamentalist creep tries to blow us all to kingdom come I feel sorry most of all for the people caught up in the attack, obviously, but I also have a shred of sympathy for all the decent muslims living in Britain(and the U.S.) whose hearts must sink because they know they’re going to get blamed just because they share a religion with the terrorists – no matter how vehemently against terrorism they are.

    As for reading your blog. Plus 10!

  7. I’m so glad you found your mug!

    Only minus 5 for Libby’s commuted sentence?

  8. You may have to factor in another minus to your score, because tag, you’re it!

  9. and who supported the execution of the mentally retarded

    You can’t execute a democratically elected government its just not right.

    Oh you mean the mongs, fry away.

  10. Excellent tally, Sass. Just shows that if the close and personal stuff is coming up plus then the shite of the wider world can’t knock you down!

  11. Well, Dive, then the BBC must be broadcasting for our benefit, because they haven’t shut up about it.

    Agreed, Medbh. He knows how to send a message. Sometimes I can’t write about Cheney. It gives me hives.

    Sorry, Zirelda. He is. It sucks.

    Well, Proxima and Robyn, I try to maintain a positive outlook, even when the world is going to hell. Friendship and mugs are good for something.

    Why thank you, Around My Kitchen Table! That compliment improved the week! As for stereotyping, someday we have to learn that we can’t do it, but we don’t seem to have gotten there yet.

    Terroni, had it been Cheney or Rove’s sentence, I would have marked it minus five billion.

    Thank you for sharing, Knudsen. It would be interesting if W were ever brought up on war crimes charges. Following his own logic, he’d be toast.

    Thanks, Conan. I do try.

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