The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

Ah, Summer. Hours, minutes, drift by, and it seems as though we have all the time in the world. I’m rather surprised to discover that Friday is already upon us.

It is, I guess, and so here are the Sassy Sundries, my weekly tally of things political, personal, and nonsensical:

About a quarter-mile up the street from me, people wake up to find a dead body wrapped in a sheet. Police have revealed few details. Freaky. Minus Three

Summer weather. The really hot stuff didn’t last that long, but it’s still been lovely. Plus Two

Sometimes I find myself envying W’s rose-colored glasses. If he has not had someone enchant them for him, I want the address of the company that makes them. How else can he stand up and say that the damning progress report on his surge means that things are looking up? It’s got to be the glasses. I don’t think Congress has the wherewithal to rip them off him, but the House did pass a bill calling for troops to be out of Iraq by April 2008. Minus Five

Speaking of envy, I want me some executive privilege (actually, what I’d really like is some vice presidential privilege—that’s some amazing stuff). I want to be able to defy Congress, break the law (not backing up official e-mails), and get away with it. Bush tells former White House aide Sara Taylor not to testify, and Harriet Miers doesn’t even show up. Congress might hold Miers in contempt, but they don’t seem to have the follow-through to stop the White House. Minus Five

I had a number of adventures this week, with friends and alone. I’m really enjoying this whole urban experiment. Plus Ten

Oh. I have a new roommate. She’s a friend of mine, and she’ll be moving in at the end of the month. I’m a little nervous about living with someone again after so many years on my own, but mostly I’m excited. I think it will be fun. Plus Five

Testimony from the former US Surgeon General reveals the extent of White House tampering with scientific judgment for political purposes. Ted Kennedy introduces a bill to make the position more independent. The new nominee once wrote a paper calling male homosexuality a pathology and unnatural. He might toe the line a bit more. This whole country is going down the tubes. Minus Five

Lady Bird Johnson died. Her husband’s disastrous involvement in Vietnam has all but obscured his domestic achievements (Voting Rights Act, anyone?), but I’d like to say that I admire her stance against segregation and her work to get the country to give a hoot and not pollute. Even

Total Plus: 17
Total Minus: 18


Last Week’s Total: +6

UPDATE: I knew I should have done this later. Two Buck Chuck, the crappy Chardonnay available at Trader Joe’s won a prize for best California Chardonnay. Wine snobs everywhere are groaning. I think the week is now in positive territory, don’t you?

16 responses to “The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review

  1. I forgot about “give a hoot, don’t pollute.” Catchy slogan.

    Good for you for getting a roommate and one you already know and like. I hope it works out well.

    I suspect the White House and Congress will go back and forth and fight until the next election. Either that, or there is going to be a big, ugly fight. I’d kind of like to see a fight, and I’d like to see people actually show up when they are called to testify.

  2. Cool! A new roomie.
    I think I’ll go home and watch Single White Female.


  3. I hope your new roomate works out, Sassy. Everytime I lived with a friend we became enemies. I’m guessing that you’re much nicer than I am, though.

  4. Nice system. Sassy in fact.

  5. Right on for the roommate. Sad about Lady Bird Johnson and if you find those rose colored glasses clue me in on where to get them.

  6. Lady Bird Johnson died.

    don’t worry they saved the baby.

    no wonder I get spammed with comments like that.

  7. I agree…Two Buck Chuck tips the scales.

  8. Welcome, Mueja. Thanks for the facial expression?

    Robyn, I agree about the White House and Congress. This is just getting crazy. I’d like to see the Democrats really do something, but I don’t think they ahve the guts.

    Dive, I KNOW HER. She’s not that chick. Honestly. I would never live with Jennifer Jason Leigh. She slept with Dimone.

    Medbh, it’s sick how easy I am to live with. I’m hoping that I’ve developed more of a spine in the last few years, but still, I’m a roommate’s dream.

    Thanks, Kieran. It’s also stolen. I’d point you to the site, but it’s under construction. I have made it my own, though.

    Zirelda, I will be handing out the rose colored glasses on the street if I can get my hands on more than one pair.

    Knudsen, if you didn’t comment like that I’d worry about you.

    Ain’t it the truth, Terroni?

  9. Dang! Now I have to get out to Framingham to buy some Two Buck Chuck chardonnay to test the goodness… Somehow I’ll muddle through. Have a great weekend Sassy!

  10. Holy cow…you would think that I hadn’t watched the news even once this week…I didn’t KNOW that Lady Bird Johnson died.

    How could I have missed THAT?

  11. Good luck with the living arrangements. I’m too used to living alone now and my friends are too freaky to even contemplate living with.

  12. Good news re the room mate Sassy

  13. I’m a red wine drinker myself, esp. Shiraz and Merlots, I like it spicy with a bit ‘o bite.

    Good luck with the new roomie. It’s got its ups and downs sides as I’m sure you know. Hope they will be mostly positive for you.

    Bush, ugh, White house, ugh alll attributes that extend from it, double ugh! I’m on the verge of profanity here, but I’ll refrain.

    Even my 11-year-old nephew hates Bush. Ha,ha,ha

  14. Yo Lady. Did I dream you had another post or did you take it down?

  15. I couldn’t share with anyone again, best of luck with that….

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