I’m Alive

Sigh… Don’t you just love it when life takes over everything? I’ll be back when my head’s a little clearer.


15 responses to “I’m Alive

  1. Whew!
    I’d assumed you were helping your flatmate move in but it’s great to know you’re still with us.
    Hey! I’m meeting our Robyn in London tomorrow.
    Watch out for photos.
    You do realise it’s your turn to visit London next. Bring Prudence and Rich.
    I am so glad you’re okay, Sassy.

  2. Can I get madam a drink from the bar?

  3. Actually no. I hate when that happens.

  4. Take a long nap. It always works for me.

  5. Hey… Have you hijacked my life!? You can keep it for a while, I could use the breather.

  6. Just wanted to let you know I’m missing you Sassy. Hope all is well!

  7. A little rest will do wonders, Sassy. Be well.

  8. Auntie Scotch

    Have a good rest, Sass…but know we miss you. :)

  9. we were wondering where you were.

  10. Hope you’re doing okay. We were thinking of sending out a search party.

  11. I hope everything is ok with you and you come back soon. ((hugs))

  12. Around My Kitchen Table

    I second all the above comments. Hope you’re back to your sassy self soon. XX

  13. Nothing serious, I hope. Take a few deep breaths, and a walk by the water.

  14. I’m so glad to see you back and typing, Sassy. I was about to be concerned.

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