Through the morning haze I could see the sun. I stared at it for a long time through the clouds, a white disc, almost like a full moon against the trees. Eventually the filtered light made me look away. A pink and purple remainder followed my gaze around the neighborhood. When I looked back, the sun had disappeared.


8 responses to “Haze

  1. Dearest Sassy, there are many times in life when it is difficult to see through the haze. We are all wandering through it at any given point. Keep on, sooner than later it will lift and you will find us all around you!

  2. Prudence is right.

    And the sun’s still there, Sassy. You should live here in England where we’re only allowed to see it for three minutes each year.

  3. Hey Sassy, hazy light sometimes brings good things. Sometimes what you’re looking for is right around the corner.

  4. I threw a shoe at the curtains this morning as the light streaming through was annoying me. What was I doing with a shoe in my bed?I just don’t know either….

    Warm n cheery thoughts for you Sassy…

  5. The Hangar Queen

    Hope you’re well love.
    The sun will be back tomorrow.

  6. After-images are like phantoms, they do last longer in the mind’s eye.

  7. Wow, aren’t we a philosophical bunch?!

  8. I’ll have whatever you’re smoking

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