Kate’s Blogville Challenge (via Dive)

So Dive took up Kate’s challenge and thought that we should post pictures of ourselves to make a fake Photoshop image of the denizens of Blogland.

I’ve resisted posting pictures of myself on this thing, wishing to keep my anonymity, but what the hell. Here I am. Rocking you like a hurricane with Fluff in the background.

Happy, Dive?

27 responses to “Kate’s Blogville Challenge (via Dive)

  1. I did that recently as well, Sassy, and then freaked out and took it down.
    Hello and cheers at any rate!

  2. Hey, Medbh. The Fluff thing’s a long story. You can click on the Travels with Fluff link in my favorite posts section if you want the scoop (start at the bottom).

  3. That’s my girl! Never hide that beauty Sassy!

  4. HEY! Look at you! You’re lovely! And having Fluff in the background is perfect.

  5. Hi Sass, well done you! Don’t think I’d go the pic route meself, way too bothered by privacy issues!

  6. Cool Sassy. I’ve posted a pic of me once or twice. Had a twinge but left it up.

    You look a lot like I thought you might. :)

  7. You nerd! Taking a picture of the NPR building!
    I would have, too.

  8. Thanks sass.
    The results will in given a few weeks.
    Good to see you.

  9. Nice pic, Sassy – no need to be shy is there?

    Call me slow, but I’ve just spotted your other concern PRK – is there any connection at all with Punk Rock Knitter who used to be involved with the late and much lamented ‘You Knit What?!’?

  10. Mines done. Check out the new do Sass!

  11. Around My Kitchen Table

    You look lovely – lovely and sassy!

  12. Woohoo! You did it!

    Boy are you ugly, Sassy!
    I am SO glad there’s an ocean between us.


  13. PS I love the Scorpions too!

  14. You’re brave (and cute)!

  15. Hey cool, Sassy. Well done!

  16. You have gorgeous brown eyes. The kind of eyes that I can see right off would be able to pin someone down and make them tell the truth.

    I wish I had eyes like that….

  17. You are lovely – pretty eyes.. for some weirdly weird reason I thought you’d be a blonde.. even now I see the dark pig-tails in your avatar.. I still thought you’d be a blondey..

    Thanks for this :)

  18. sassy – wow – you’re a stunner (I have to say I always suspected as much).

  19. And yes, I am happy.

  20. Why, thank you, everyone. I’m blushing. Dive, I’m glad you’re happy.

  21. Oh, and Peahen (nice to hear from you!), I’m the worst Punk Rock Knitter. I don’t really know what’s going on over there. Will have to get the needles clacking again.

  22. The Hangar Queen

    Well I’ll be jiggered.You’re flippin’ gorgeous…not that I had any doubts mind.

    Bonus is I now know who to look for at Logan next week.

  23. Sassy exposed finally we see a face behind the blog

  24. How YOU doin?

    [wink wink]

  25. Sassy, you’re beautiful!! (And brave!) I’m not comfortable with the whole internet lack of privacy thing, so the “rear” view is all anyone gets to see for now.

  26. You have some set on you girl, and now I see why. The rest of us ugly, er, I mean “shy” people will just keep using avatars, thanks.

  27. Sassy, you are just beautiful with stunning eyes and pretty hair and glowing skin. And, you are so young, bless you.
    As for love – it is elusive but you will know when it is right. Sometimes it’s a long time coming but always worth the wait. Practising in the meantime is just plain old fun and the hurts along the way always pass with a bit of time and the occasional “walkabout” – just ask Kate!
    xxx Mme Benaut

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