Flying Golf Balls!

Smokestack and I cracked up laughing over this sign spotted at the beach on Saturday while waiting for our snack from the vendor. “Somehow, I think flying golf balls might disrupt the dunes,” I mused aloud, giggling. Perhaps it was the vodka punch, but the picture still makes me laugh.

Nothing, however, could compare with the guffaws after we overheard a woman shouting, “THAT’S NOT HEALTHY! STOP THAT! THAT’S NOT HEALTHY!” while waiting in line for the bathroom. We opted for the other loo.

Just thought I’d share.

10 responses to “Flying Golf Balls!

  1. My own favourite is an auctioneer’s (real estate agency) sign which boasted multiple bedrooms with bathrooms ‘un-suite’.

  2. Hee hee. And enjoy the grassless beach while you’re at it.

    There’s another great sign on today, Sassy.

  3. “enjoy the grassless beach but be carefull.” What an odd sign. It has so much to say.

    Oh, hee hee, Dive pointed out the same line.

  4. You know it’s serious when there is an exclamation mark at the start of the word as well as the !end!

  5. we overheard a woman shouting, “THAT’S NOT HEALTHY! STOP THAT! THAT’S NOT HEALTHY!” while waiting in line for the bathroom

    So very, very many things come to mind. Damn my imagination.

  6. Conan, you have the best French stuff, don’t you?

    I’ll have to check out the Engrish site, Dive. I haven’t been there for a bit. The grassless beach was divine.

    Wasn’t that part funny, Robyn? What an odd idea.

    Manuel, we were trying to figure out if they were trying to make it comprehensible to Spanish speakers.

    Fat Sparrow, believe me, we were thinking the same thing. We started saying, “That’s not natural! Stop it! You’re making me feel dirty!”

  7. Well, now…I have to go change my shirt. I just spit coffee after reading about the woman in the bathroom line…

    And, I am so very curious. Was there someone peeing in the sink?

  8. heh heh heh.. that’s it.. it’s all funny..
    wish I had been there..

  9. umm.. and that’s the grassiest grassless beach I have ever seen.. do you think?

  10. Oh Sassy that really made me laugh. Just what I need on a cold Thursday morning.

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