August’s Worst Blogger Award Goes to Sassy Sundry

OK, I know. I suck. I haven’t posted for an aeon. I loved, loved, LOVED meeting Devin. I had a blast with her and her dear friend C, and I want to recount the whole adventure, but I’m in a weird space this week. More to follow.


18 responses to “August’s Worst Blogger Award Goes to Sassy Sundry

  1. Weird spaces are a bloggers specialities hun.
    Take your time, feel better and we’ll all be here when you get back xooxox

  2. We’re patient.
    You’re worth waiting for.

  3. can’t wait to hear all about it! Hope you’re OK Sassy :-)

  4. Don’t worry about it! We are here!
    Think about this while you are pondering in your wanderings, wouldn’t it be cool to know the number of times we (your blog family) check in on you each day to see if you’ve surfaced? How much love is that???mmmmmmmmmm
    xxoo Yetta

  5. I’m curious, but patient.
    Be well in the meantime.

  6. What Dive said, absolutely.

    Sing along now:

    It’s your blog, and you can write when you want to, right when you want to, so write when you want to! :)

  7. Never feel obligated to blog. Once that starts, all the fun goes out of it. I don’t think many people expect perfect attendance in blogville. We just sort of show up when it feels right.

    One of the beauties of the place…you can slink out for a bit and then come back and no questions are asked!

  8. We’ll wait, Sassy. We miss you when you’re gone, though.

  9. Yeah…like Maria said! ;>

  10. It’s healthier to have a stronger cconnection to your real life then your blogging life. :)

  11. ciao, nice blog. if you like mine we may exchange links :)

  12. No worries.

  13. The Hangar Queen

    Should I come back up to Boston to find ya?

  14. carry on in your own time n that…

  15. weird is good

  16. You should always choose sunshine over a dark room with a computer screen. Proxima is right. Whenever you’re ready Sassy girl; we’ll pop on over and say hello.

  17. You’re way better than me so don’t worry, whenever you feel like it.

  18. Bock the Robber

    See you soon, or whenever

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