Happy Birthday to Me

Today’s my birthday. For the last six years, I’ve felt guilty for having a birthday at all. The only thing I can say about having a birthday on September 11th is that everyone remembers it now. Not that it mattered. I have not observed my birthday on my birthday since 2001. Whatever celebrating I did took place apologetically on the 10th or the 12th.

Last year and 2002 were the worst days to have a September 11th birthday. On my twenty-ninth birthday, the ground felt haunted. No one smiled all day, and who could blame them. The surreal memories of that day overwhelmed evereyone. Hardly a good day to whoop it up. And last year, I felt like this.

Today, though the day is gray and cool, I feel like it’s my birthday. This day will always mark a terrible event, but it is also a good day. I’m having a few local friends over to celebrate (the whole Tuesday thing made it necessary for Smokestack to come down last weekend, and my intrepid friend and I always celebrate our Virgohood together). I’m looking forward to it.

It’s my birthday! Woo hoo! OK, it still feels weird to say that on September 11th. It is also starting to feel right.


13 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. All things must pass.

    Have a very happy birthday, Sassy.

  2. Happy birthday, Sassy. Live it up today. I think you should reclaim the date and make it something other than a solemn and morose day of mourning.

  3. Happy birthday, Sass. Pictures of Fluff and a cake, please!

  4. Have a VERY happy birthday Sassy!

    Robyn’s right. Reclaim the date. How the hell else are we ever going to get from 9/10 to 9/12, huh?

  5. Being a 9/11 baby myself I can understand how that event changed your birthday. For me, while not living in america when it happened, it was technically just turning the 12th over here. I’d been out for a birthday dinner and came home to watch the second jet go in live.
    All of a sudden my birthday had been hijacked. And for a few years thats exactly how it felt, how can you celebrate on such a day?
    My reasoning was that although what happened was a tragedy and should never be forgotten, all of those victims had birthdays as well so my not celebrating my day was like them never having anymore birthdays either.
    So I celebrate my birthday for me and for the thousands who died that day. There been an extra candle on my cakes ever since, that small candle represents to me all of those who’s birthdays I celebrate by not letting a wicked man bring me down.
    Hoping you have a brilliant birthday Sass, we’re celebrating for everyone.

  6. Happy Birthday, Sassy. Enjoy yourself and just avoid the media. You don’t need to watch Rudy playing the big man to spoil your day.

  7. Elizabeth Penmark

    Happy Birthday to you, Sassy! Actually, I’m happy to read that your birthday is today. You have now given me a reason to be HAPPY today. Thanks!

  8. Happy Birthday! You shouldn’t feelbad about celebrating something happy on 9/11

  9. Happy Birthday Sassy. Hope you managed to enjoy all of it. As a visual Virgo, try reversing it the way we do in Oz: 11/9. I’m a 4/11 girl; in our language.

  10. Happy Birthday Sassy.

  11. There is no reason why you shouldn’t feel good about your birthday. You came first, you’ve had a great life, I think, and there are hundreds maybe thousands of people out there who share the same birthday. Have you thought about finding any of those people online? Or maybe starting a September 11th birthday support group? I’m serious, it could be fun.

  12. Happy Birthday Sassy – I hope you had a wonderful day – you should always celebrate it :-)

  13. Thank you, Everyone! I had a great day.

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